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Add Sizzle : Erogenous Zones - Her Secret Sex Spots
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From: MSN NicknameSilken2004  (Original Message)Sent: 8/14/2006 11:58 AM
Erogenous Zones - Her Secret Sex Spots
Want to drive women crazy in bed? The answer is all in the preamble 鈥?better known as foreplay 鈥?and how you handle her far too often ignored secret sex spots, known as erogenous zones. So what are erogenous zones? Here鈥檚 what the Merriam-Webster online dictionary has to say about them:

1. Producing sexual excitement or libidinal gratification when stimulated : sexually sensitive

2. Of, relating to, or arousing sexual feelings

Ah, you say, erogenous zones, sure, like her mouth, her breasts, and all that wonderful action she鈥檚 got going on between her legs. Well, yes and no. It鈥檚 not that those aren鈥檛 erogenous zones, but on women there are a whole slew of other locations on her body that also cause these reactions. And what鈥檚 better, these places are easy to find, easy to get to, and easy to enjoy 鈥?but far too many men ignore them at their peril and try to jump into the main action far too quickly, before a woman is good and ready.

Let鈥檚 be really clear about this guys, in fact, I can鈥檛 say it enough 鈥?in order for a woman to really enjoy sex she鈥檚 really got to be ready for it, and by paying attention to her 鈥渙uter鈥?erogenous zones, she鈥檒l be boiling hot by the time you make your way to her 鈥渋nner鈥?erogenous zones. So let鈥檚 take a tour through what these outer regions entail and review how they can help you to really rev her fire:

Her Neck

Some think only the nape of a woman鈥檚 neck is an erogenous zone (that spot at the back of her neck, dead center, at the base of her hairline) but for most women her entire neck is incredibly sensitive to stimulation. Run your fingers gently along it when kissing her (as well as along the base of her jaw line), blow on it lightly, break away from kissing her mouth and spend ample time planting kisses up and down her neck and I guarantee you鈥檒l send shivers up her spine that鈥檒l thrill her.

Her Ears

Ears are also very sensitive to touch, but you have to be careful because what one woman finds sexy in 鈥渆ar-play鈥?another might find distasteful. Some women love their ears kissed and even licked and others hate it (they find the noise disturbing). Play it safe in the beginning and kiss her lobes, even lightly tug on them with your teeth (remember I said lightly) and kiss the base of her ears. Whisper sweet and wicked nothings here (remember women get turned on via their ears) and you鈥檒l really have her attention.

Her Feet

Want to get through a woman鈥檚 defenses and make her melt like butter? Give her a foot massage that鈥檒l have her melting into your arms. But here again you have to move forward with caution. Everyone likes different pressure in their massage touch, so start gently and gradually make your grip and kneading stronger 鈥?asking for feedback as you go. Also note that many women are very ticklish, and very sensitive about having their arches touched. But with that being said, do a good job, and take direction and soon you鈥檒l find her lovely thighs wrapped around you.

Her Hands

There鈥檚 a reason why, in courtly days of old, men kissed women鈥檚 hands 鈥?it wasn鈥檛 all about being polite and showing respect. The hands are very sensitive, and though they鈥檙e not quite as sensitive as the lips, the action got a man鈥檚 point across just fine. Play with her hands. Stroke them, massage them, kiss and tickle her palms, and soon she鈥檒l be using her hands to bring you all sorts of pleasure as well.

The Undersides of Her Arms

As just a rule of thumb, the undersides of everything on women are more sensitive (yep, buttocks, breasts, etc.) to the touch. From her wrists, to the inside of her biceps, the underneath of a woman鈥檚 arms are incredibly sensitive to the lightest touch. Let your fingers do the walking up and don鈥檛 this area with light caresses and kisses and make her beg for more.

The Backs of Her Knees and Her Inner Thighs

Once you鈥檝e made her feet happy, work your way up the back of her legs, tickle and kiss the sensitive backs of her knees and soon she鈥檒l let her spend some serious time on her thighs. Her thighs are the gateway to heaven; so treat them right if you want to go inside! Remember that fools rush in. By the time you鈥檙e caressing her thighs she鈥檚 starting to get seriously turned on, but again you can get into trouble if you go too fast and make her think all you鈥檙e after is getting to your own thrills. A woman鈥檚 inner thighs are so sensitive she can enjoy your touch through her clothes, so make sure you do a lot of teasing and caressing in this area before you slip those jeans off, or that skirt up. And remember the under sides of her buttocks are incredibly sensitive too, spending time here, stroking and teasing her will really get her juices up.

Moving Towards the Inner Sanctum

So now that you鈥檝e had a tour of the 鈥渙uter鈥?erogenous zones, you鈥檙e ready to start focusing on the 鈥渋nner鈥?ones 鈥?though of course you鈥檝e been paying a lot of attention to her mouth this whole time. But be smart about it even now. Move back up to her breasts (paying attention to the sensitive undersides of them) and her nipples, with kisses and caresses before you dive in and see how things are going under her hood. Taking the long slow erogenous road might take more time, and might even make her groan with frustration 鈥?but that鈥檚 a good thing. Because then she鈥檒l be all the more ready when you finally arrive

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