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Add Sizzle : How To Compliment a Woman
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From: MSN NicknameSilken2004  (Original Message)Sent: 8/26/2006 11:05 PM
How To Compliment a Woman
     A woman鈥檚 world is a world of fantasy and daydreams. Women love to fantasize Women know they have what a man wants and needs. They know that men are going to try to sweet talk them in order to get what he wants form her. Women believe a man鈥檚 actions much more than they believe a man鈥檚 words.

     A woman wants to be special to a man. She wants to have status in his eyes and his respect. She wants to be sure he doesn鈥檛 just want sex. She wants to know that he wants her. She wants to know how he really feels about her, so she looks for cues and indirect evidence.

     A smart man will realize this and use it to his advantage by giving indirect evidence. But don鈥檛 give too much or she will not believe it.

     1. Look for an opportunity to give a woman an unexpected compliment. One time I was riding in a car with a woman and wanted to give her a compliment. I noticed that a truck driver who was passing our car was checking her out. I said, 鈥淭hat truck driver was checking you out. You captivated him. I don鈥檛 blame him. You are captivating! 鈥?She love it and was very flattered by this compliment. Another time, a beautiful hostess called upon me to sing a song at a dinner party in Buenos Aires. I took the opportunity to compliment the her beauty by saying, 鈥淚 was inspired by the beauty of our lovely hostess to sing this song.鈥?It hit the mark big time. She loved it!

     2. When she does something nice for you compliment her saying鈥?You are so considerate!鈥?When she does something cute or funny, give her a kiss.

     3. Do things on the spur of the moment. Give her a non-premeditated hug or kiss for no reason. Buy her a little gift, some flowers, or candies in the moment without thinking about it. Or call her up unexpectedly and say. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go for coffee.鈥?Or say, 鈥淢eet me right now for lunch.鈥?nbsp;

    4. Look at her unexpectedly with love for her shining through your eyes. She will be looking at the way you look at her to see if you really care about her.

     5. Compliment your woman to someone else when she can overhear you, but she doesn鈥檛 know you know she is listening.

     6. Change your plans in the spur of the moment for her. She wants you to do something with her, but you were planning to do something else. You change your plans for her. She will take it as a sign that you care.

     7. Play a role in her romantic fantasy. Many women have romantic fantasies. They are looking for a man to play the male lead in these fantasies. Things鈥?like, taking moonlit walks on beaches, having breakfast together in a little caf茅 in a romantic part of town, or going on picnics together in the park. Be excited and willing to do these things for a woman. Then you will be her fantasy man.

     8. Dream up a romantic fantasy date with her that she would enjoy and put yourself in the starring male lead. Create an elaborate romantic date that takes a lot of planning and thought.

     9. When traveling together, buy her little gifts from every place you go.

     10. Say something good about her to a friend who you know will tell her.

     11. Do anything that indicates that you were thinking of her.

     12. You look for her when you come into a room full of people. She will be checking to see who you look at first. 

     The worst thing for a woman is to give herself to a man who really doesn鈥檛 care for her, and only wants sex. Any woman can do this. That means she is not special in his eyes. This is what every woman tries to avoid at all costs. They are very fearful of this happening. They know that men will say anything to get sex. So they don鈥檛 believe anything a man says. 

     But they are looking for signs and cues that indicate a man鈥檚 interest. Indirect information is trusted much more than what a man says. What he does is much more powerful and is trusted by women. Things that are spontaneous and unexpected are trusted. Women know that men need sex. They are willing to satisfy this need, but they want to know that they are special.

I am
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