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Pregnancy : Inducement
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 Message 1 of 10 in Discussion 
From: Kristin  (Original Message)Sent: 7/4/2008 7:12 AM
My doctor brought up the topic of inducing today at my appointment. She said we will talk about it on Monday at my next appointment. I will be 38 weeks and 6 days on Monday. I think she is discussing it because I've been contracting regularly about every 3 minutes for almost 2 days now, yet no cervical changes. I know some of you ladies have experienced induction before. What are your thoughts, feelings, and advice on inducing a little early? (I only feel comfortable inducing early if we wait until a little further into the week, when it would just be a couple of days early.) I know the risks of complications during in labor increase with any induction, and the rate of a c-section, especially in first time moms, goes up too. My husband is really nervous about it, and I told him that we would research it, and make sure and ask the doctor all of our questions before we made a decision. If you know of any websites that could be helpful, that would be great too. I am finding a lot of information about starting contractions, but I am already having contractions, they just aren't hard enough yet..
Thanks in advance!

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 Message 2 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamegiggllessSent: 7/4/2008 7:32 AM
I was induced almost a month early with Shannon she was fine of course.  I was induced with both my pregnancies, with christopher because my water broke and labor never came... with shannon because they wanted me to have her early and control it.  I found the induction just cause the labor to come on fast... i really didn't have any time to get used to the contractions, i went from none, to TONS but once i got the epidural i was fine.  Kristin  at 38 weeks, you are far enough along that the baby will be just fine., if she came now.  You will be fine and so will the baby

 Message 3 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname-jujub-Sent: 7/4/2008 2:07 PM
Kristin, you are within the "full term" window, which is 38-42 weeks. He will be fine, and remember that prolonged contractions can be bad for both of you. I hope you go into labor on your own this weekend, but if not, induction is certainly safe at your baby's current age.

 Message 4 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameHiccup1Sent: 7/5/2008 8:55 PM
man, i would just be like, give me the c-section if they're going to go to all the trouble to induce.

but i'm a whimp. i really don't want to push a melon out of my hootchie

 Message 5 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamemisszellSent: 7/6/2008 3:04 AM
i don't know what it's like to not be the time my due date arrived NOTHING was going on down dialation or contractions......

 Message 6 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLitaBonitaSent: 7/6/2008 5:03 AM
You need to ask your doctor on Monday why she wants to induce early (you said you think you know why, find out for sure). Ask her if the baby is in danger if you wait another week. Ask her if you will be in danger if you wait another week. Ask her the pros and cons of inducing early in relation to your particular situation. Delivery, induction, labor, c-section is a different experience for every woman that goes through it. Just take yours and get through it minute by minute and remember that the end result will be the most amazing moment of your life. I wouldn't suggest reading a bunch of sites or other women's experiences because they will only freak you out like they did me. lol And some women are very much against induction and will freak you out even more. Ask your doctor if you waited until you were 41 weeks if you or the baby would be harmed by waiting if it makes you and your husband feel better. Again, every woman is different and your doctor won't do anyting to harm you or your baby but it is definitely up to you to ask the questions. If you are more than 50% effaced and already starting to dilate at the time of your induction it will be easier on you than if you weren't at all. Oh also ask what they induce with. Good luck!

 Message 7 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamemisszellSent: 7/6/2008 5:12 AM
what Lita said

 Message 8 of 10 in Discussion 
From: KristinSent: 7/7/2008 4:04 AM
Thanks Lita! I will ask those questions tomorrow. I definitely want to make sure that this is the right decision. But I am exhausted and hope that the risks aren't too high doing it now..

 Message 9 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameZelfrieda1Sent: 7/7/2008 2:33 PM
With my first baby the doctor came in and just said "I see no reason to prolong the agony, lets get this going, shall we?"  He broke the water and I had a baby in my arms 4 hours later!

 Message 10 of 10 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameAvidlySent: 7/7/2008 4:01 PM
They induced me with Josie because they were concerned about her weight and my low fluid. We had no problems. I actually liked it, because I was so freaked that I wouldn't know when I was in labor for real, or that I would go into labor in some extremely inconvenient place (my friend's water broke during a neighborhood garage sale when she was a twenty minute walk from her car) I liked knowing that I would already be safe and sound inside the hospital when it happened. Of course now I realize that's kinda silly, because it's rare that labor comes on so quick you can't get to a hospital on time, but you know...

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