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-Clutter, Chaos and Letting 
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  Welcome to Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go!  
  But I Can't Just Throw it Out!  
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 Welcome to Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go. Here you will find good company, helpful suggestions, useful web links,  and an occasional fun challenge! You might also want to check out the photographs of the clutter and chaos in my life, which I have posted here. As I progress, I will post the After photo's as well. -- Brenda
Here's a sample (not for the faint of heart  ) The first is a "before" of my kitchen table -- somewhere in there. And the other is midway decluttering. So, I am by no means Martha Stewart but I know I can change.
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we arent at Multiply, dear. it was a place Brenda tried but it didnt work out as Greensleeves and i couldnt log in.   Greensleeves and i are gonna be the managers over ...
MSN NicknameMrs_Dee_P418   01-31-09
Our move to another site
Sorry we have had lousy weather & my net went down ...
Greensleeves   01-29-09 hope to see you all over there! My membership is pending...Take care,Luna
MSN NicknameLunas_World   01-26-09
Our move to another site
we have narrowed done the list of possible places to move. sorry for not communicating on here more. we're on a bit of a learning curve w/ these other web sites. some things have to be learned an...
MSN NicknameMrs_Dee_P418   01-23-09
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MSN NicknameBrandedPalamino 02-21-08
Untitled Photo
Brenda 01-12-08
Untitled Photo
Brenda 01-12-08
Untitled Photo
Brenda 01-12-08
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Brendas office before - 01-12-08
Cheryl's Album
Tracey's before pictures