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-Clutter, Chaos and Letting 
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  Welcome to Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go!  
  But I Can't Just Throw it Out!  
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>>>>>A Clutter Free Life -
  A Yahoo group with more ideas about freeing ourselves from clutter. NOTE: when you want to join a Yahoo group, I believe you have to create a yahoo profile -- but it's easy and just takes a minute.
>>>>>A Support Group for Messies -
 This is a support group with advice, support and techniques for cleaning our clutter, junk and chaos.
>>>>>Craft Organizers -
 While these products are geared for specific hobbies like storing scrapbooking supplies, many of them are adaptable for other uses. You have to click on the CropHopper picture to go into their site, and then click on the store link. Saw this one on the HGTV cable show; you cancheck out their homepage to look for other tips.
>>>>>Help with Storage Strategies -
 I like this quote from the part of the site about storage: "Stored stuff has an amazing bread-dough quality -- it rises to fill the space available..." And the way they described how it feels to have organized, easily accessible storage areas: "That's the snug, smug feeling of being Mistress of Your Domain, Queen of the Stuff. You'll know what you have, where it is, and how to find it -- and so will the other members of your household.
>>>>>The Container Store -
 a good place to find organizational items from overthe door racks to drawer dividers to pretty boxes -- one tip I recall from "de-clutter" books is wait until you've done your sorting, then you will know what the best kind of container or accessory will work best. I de-junked my cosmetics and now have an idea of what I need for storage space. I am also going to take my list with me to a discount place called Ocean State Job Lot and see if I can find any of these items on sale, versus paying $14 a storage cube, or $14 a Lazy Susan. Not everything is that expensive here, though.
>>>>Coping With Anxiety and Depression -

   A good place to talk about some of the emotional issues that may be behind our hoarding and our fear of letting go, as well as how these behaviorsINCREASE depression.

>>>> -
An expert on obsessive-compulsive disorder also talks about why we hoard stuff. It is a really interesting transcript of an online chat hosted by 20/20. Dr. Randy Frost's contact information is: My mailing address is: Department of Psychology, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063 or by email at He does do public speaking.
>>>> -
>>>> -
This link describes a book about successful garage sales [one of the tools for letting go of stuff] and looks pretty comprehensive with topics including: inventory, goodies vs garbage, stuffing the stuff, pricing, preparation regulations-know the rules; best of the year, the ad, and safeguards --- The book costs (as of 3/29/03) $9.95 and s/h is FREE. You can also order it online version, it is emailed to you -- hey, there's a way to save on clutter (as long as you dont print it out). The email versioncosts $11.95.
>>>> -
Lots of tools and an online class.
>>>> -

Takes you to a description of a bookcalled LightenUp that, among other decluttering strategies, also looks at spiritual connections to clutter/decluttering. 

>>>>Safe Cleaning Products -
Helyn's Clean Solutions is a companyfounded by a woman who has been a professional cleaner most of her life. Her products are environmentally friendly and safer for YOU too.
>>>>Think of This as Earning a Graduate Degree -

 This group is not so much about dealing with a level of clutter as we are talking about in this group as the next level of organization. I see some interesting ways of going about it. It seems a little overwhelming when you first read through the site -- get an organization notebook, do this and this on such and such a day, but I think there is something to be learned from the overall concepts and then, when we are ready and it fits our personality, it is good place to visit and learn.

>>>> -
A great site for dealing with inner issues,as well as sorting and discarding of stuff. 
>>>> -
 A link to the webpage for Beth Johnson, of West Hartford, CT, who is the founder of the Clutter Workshop and author of a booklet called Clutter Tips from A-Z
>>>> -
This is a Yahoo group so if you don't havea Yahoo mail account you will be prompted (when you select Join this Group) to create an ID and password. No charge. has a system for helping you develop good organizational habits. You begin as a Fly-baby, taking little steps, then go on to the harder stuff. I just joined, so I am looking forward to steps like how to deal with "hot spots" where clutter seems to automatically accumulate.
   Let us know in the Message Board if you have experience with this site, or how things go after you join.
>>>> -
For a site that celehrates simplicity, thisone sure is cluttered and is not easy to maneuver. Maybe it is my monitor's screen size, but some text was jammed together. Nevertheless, there is a simplicity movement out there, originally inspired by Henry David Thoreau, author of Walden Pond, which is a nice book to read about living without a lot of stuff.
   This site has some good links to books and video [such as, How Much is Enough, and guides to living simply such as a More Fun, Less Stuff Starter Kit ($9)], and has an online newsletter.
ADD Tips for Organization -

Having just recently been identified as having Attention Deficit Disorder (see book ADD-Friendly Ways to Clear Your Clutter for some more insight into how ADD creates chaos and disorganization) I am exploring ADD resources. Please feel free to add more here. This site has a number of categories regarding ORGANIZATION from workplace to home.



Barefoot Lass -
 this is a neat site by someone with a great sense of fun with lots of cool tips, fromhow to get get rid of crayon stains to how to make your own skin care products.
Cluterers Anonymous 12-step group -
 I think this might be a better alternative to Messies Anonymous. They seem more responsive. And they offer a 12-step program.
Frugal Village -


This website has a lot of ideas for making good use of what you have, but beware getting caught up the "stockpiling" aspects of this website because we are about Letting Go. However, under the "articles" section there are a collection of writings on organization and decluttering that are inspiring and have good tips. You don't have to join to browse most of this site.


(graphic above was created by Deb Harris at )


Get Organized Newsletter -

this newsletter has lots of good links to tips and how-to's. -
IRS pamphlet on tax files-keep or toss
How long do we keep tax files? This will help you decide. It's called "Recordkeepingfor Individuals" It's 8 pages long and you will need Adobe Acrobat to open it.
OnlineOrganzing -
This site has books, tapes, a newsletter, organizing products for each room of the house. Some of the products are pretty pricey so you might want to just get inspiration here and then maybe see if you can find similar items at or your local discount store.
Sort It Out page -
 This site is recommended by Messies Anonymous. She gives a few tips, but nothing new here that I could see. On the other hand, if you happen to live in Southern Florda, she gives Sort It Out workshops. She also sells an audiotape of her lecture(s). Apparently she is a professional organizer! The fact that such a designation exists should give you heart, since this means there must be an awful lot of people overwhelmed by stuff and clutter. Apparently there is even a national organization of professional organizers. Another aspect of the site that might give you inspiration is the "before" and "AFTER" photo's of places where she helped peopel dig out and get organized. -
 Another interesting source of information.