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  Welcome to Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go!  
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  Tips For Selling  

Tips for Selling All That Stuff!


This page is, as they say, under construction, but will contain info about tag sales, consignment shops, Ebay and whatever other suggestions you care to share with the group!


Here is an interesting link for tips on successful tag sales:

>>>> -

This link describes a book about successful garage sales [one of the tools for letting go of stuff] and looks pretty comprehensive with topics including: inventory, goodies vs garbage, stuffing the stuff, pricing, preparation regulations-know the rules; best of the year, the ad, and safeguards --- The book costs (as of 3/29/03) $9.95 and s/h is FREE. You can also order it online version, it is emailed to you -- hey, there's a way to save on clutter (as long as you dont print it out). The email versioncosts $11.95.  

  Ebay Selling Hints 

Tips on Keeping Organized When You Sell On Ebay

1. Try taking digital photo's of all the item you want to sell, create a folder on your hard drive and download the photo's there. When you list an item, write the Ebay number on a piece of paper and tape it to the item. When the auction is done, and you receive the payment information from the buyer address the package and move the piece of paper with the item number to the outside of the package. When the payment arrives, take the item to the post office.

2. Keep a spiral notebook and write down the auction item and its Ebay number. When it sells, fill in the price, bidder's info (i.e. address, how they paid). Once shipped, draw a line through the info.

Keep all the items you are selling in one place, and tape the auction number to the item. It might also be useful to write the date the auction will end.