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-Clutter, Chaos and Letting 
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Top Ten Tips for

Taking Control of Stuff!


We are compiling a list here of our best tips for dealing with our accumulated, and sometimes out-of-control stuff. So, this is a page in progress.

 I chose that wagon train. above, to illustrate this page because just think of what it must have been like to have to choose what to bring across plains and mountains and deserts!

 In the movies, you often see trunks full of china and linens and other things that must have been precious to the homesteaders -- left behind when the going got rough. So, maybe we need to think like homesteaders sometimes, ha ha.

 If you have a tip to add here, please post on the message board and I will add it here.

We all need tips!



1. Buy appropriate containers -- Stuff needs a home. It's a good idea to sort your stuff first, though (I use cardboard boxes for this first step), so you know what kind of containers will work best. And do what Greensleeves does -- watch for bargains! Why pay $60 when maybe the local Job Lot store is selling the same wicker container for $15? And watch out for the putting-stuff-on-top trap. I have portable file boxes I haven't added to in years becausse I have too much stuff piled on top of them!

2. Don't bring it home in the first place -- This means, think twice (or thrice) before picking up a flyer, or buying souvenir stuff, or subscribing to magazines. Many times, I walk right from the mailbox to the group area (I live in an apt) and throw the catalogs in the recycle bin. I used to take the time to tear off the address label and the inside order form, but I would end up with piles of them waiting to be "processed." So, I let go of my concern over people knowing the catalogs are mine, in favor of less junk taking up my time and space.

3. GET RID OF YOUR KIDS -- this is a tip from Greensleeves, who certainly has a great sense of humor, but she makes a good point about OTHER PEOPLE' STUFF! 

Seriously.....since my youngest son has moved out, it is AMAZING how much time I am finding to devote to decluttering & purging!  Not only is there no one demanding regular meals LOL or rides someplace, all of HIS JUNK is dirty socks, papers, CDs, snacks, dishes etc. scattered all over the house.  So I am not wasting time picking up after an unrepentant slob anymore.  I am seriously appalled at how DIRTY some things were underneath all that clutter!!!
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