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-Clutter, Chaos and Letting 
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  Welcome to Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go!  
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... to the Clutter, Chaos and Letting Go Group.

If your STUFF controls you instead of the other way around, then here is a good place to begin to make some liberating changes.


Change can feel like a scary word, but it also CAN transform into a feeling of LIBERATION, if you have the support of others, and the TOOLS to take things one step at a time.


Here is a safe and friendly place to "come out" about the isolation, embarassment or low self-esteem the chaos around you may be creating .

A cluttered home often leads to other kinds of clutter in our lives, not to mention our cars, workplace and purses!

Clutter can be a big drain on our finances, too, when we have to buy duplicates of something because it got lost in the piles


Here we (men and women) will share new ways of thinking, tools for tackling the piles, resources for finding new homes for our "treasures"

and more!

 Let's Learn Together How to Let Go!