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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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There is a parallel site to this one for dealing with abuse at Quantock School. The reasons for setting up a parallel abuse site is a little complicated but I hope you will respect this decision, and not place abuse related messages on this web site.

This is the web address of the abuse site:

If you wish to view or add comments to the parallel site you need to log in with the following details:

password: killerhill

However if you would like your own 'username' and 'password' then you may instead join the parallel site. This has the advantage that your comments can't be 'accidentally' delete by other users.
I must be honest - if you apply to join this parallel site with you normal email address - as manager of the parallel site I will see this address briefly, but I will not record it in any way. To get round this, I suggest that you first create a new email account (e.g. with Hotmail or Yahoo) and then apply to join the above community - this will preserve your anonymity.
Also don't forget to say that you wish to talk about abuse at Quantock on your application or  I may assume it is a fraudulent application.
Note just for the record - You never need to use this email account again - you just need to remember the "username - i.e. the email address e.g." and "password - e.g. abcefg123" to access the site.
Finally - I trust that you all understand the seriousness of the parallel abuse site - but for the sake of 100% clarity I say the following - Please respect the purpose for which this site was created - clearly there is no room for any 'light-hearted' content on this parallel site.

Just in case ...
If you wish to log into the abuse site with a new email address (e.g. the quantockgoblin) you will first have to log out of your current email account.
Normally you do this by hitting the Sign out of .NET Passport sites  type button above.
It might be a good idea to first book-mark the abuse web site i.e.  to help you find it agian.
Again any problems email me and I'll treat your inquiries with absolute discretions.