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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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Please make a donation to the "Quantock Reunion Fund". All donated funds will go towards keeping the Quantock Community running, organising reunions, and go towards a memorial to the late David Peaster. Many Thanks!









Quantock School ... A Sixties Experience - DVD Memoir by Warwick Jones



Description: This DVD is a fascinating insight into the School's Past. Warwick has managed to put together a visual feast of old Quantock School images set to the music of the era, and as a whole capture the essence of the place. A very professional effort and I highly recommend it to any one who attended the School at any time. Pupils from the 60-70's may even recognize them selves in some of the sequences. Mike Blake (Class of 1990).

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The Photo Archive is a large catalogue of School Photos, some of which can be purchased on request by contacting Mike at