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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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   Member's To Do List  
One of the more important reasons the Quantock Community was created was to reunite former pupils. To make this possible we ask new members to do the Following (1-3) things (don't worry about making any mistakes, they can be easily fixed):
(1) Please add yourself to the A to Z of Members List  (Add Member ):
Add Member - Add yourself to the A-Z listing See full A to Z of Members list
(2) Please add yourself to one of the Members Graduation List ("graduation year" or "class of year" simply means the year your class did GCSE's/O'levels, i.e. when you where about 16 years old - (older boys call it 5th year, younger folk year 11).
Graduation Lists  About:
Add Member - Left the school in the 90's, or after See full Graduated 90's + list
Add Member - Left the school in the 80's See full Graduated 80's list
Add Member - Left the school in the 70's See full Graduated 70's list
Add Member - Left the school in the 60's See full Graduated 60's - list
HELP - on "Graduation Database"  Need Help on adding yourself to the database
(3) Please edit your Member Profile. I can't add a link here, so please look in the top right hand corner of this page which should look something like:

  e.g.                                                                "Welcome Your Name (member) 


Please click on this link, and add any details you want to share - especially your email address, your name (not always obvious from your email address), and years that you were a Quantock. This allows people to figure out who you are, if they know you, and then can email you!

Thank you for your help and I hope you enjoy the site,
Mike ( - please contact me if you need any help!!

If you have extra time please consider doing the following:
Member Location (NEW)

Put yourself on the Map, where do you live now? This new list is more interactive and fun see:

Also can see Old Member Location, to see people not yet on new list, can also add yourself to this list too:  Add Pupil Location 

 - Add a recent picture of yourself to this album See all Recent Photo of Members
Detailed Member Profiles  Want to write a more detailed profile about yourself - do it here!