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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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   Friend Finder  
One of the main reasons why this web site was created is to help members find former friends. The following section is dedicated to showing you the best way to find these former friends on this web site:
Member's - "To Do List" 

The best way to find you mates is to help them to find you!!  If you have not done so already you really should consider doing the following 1-3)  listed below


1)  Add yourself to the A to Z list: [Add]

2)  Add yourself to one of the ' Class of  '* lists: 

3)  Edit member profile (Link to help).

*  ' Class of ' = The year that your class did O-levels / GCSE's (i.e. 5th Form/ Year 11 when you were about 16 years of age)

 See if your mates are listed in the Alphabetaical list of members.

A to Z of Members  (Add Yourself )

Nb, like all lists on this site, the data can be sorted by any of the titles

  Name (Sur, First) Class Of (e.g. 90) : Years at QS Member Profile Email address Updated

e.g. Click the title once to order the list, and a second time to reverse the order - see  (Link ) for an example of how to sort this (or any) list.

Graduation Databases.

Your mates may have added themselves to one of the graduation databases (see right) organised by "Class of" year. This is the year that your class did O-levels / GCSE's (i.e. 5th Form/ Year 11 when you were about 16 years of age)

See if your mate is listed here. Each list can be reorganised by clicking any of the tittles:

Graduation Lists  About:
Graduated 90's +  Add Member - Left the school in the 90's, or later
 Graduated 80's  Add Member - Left the school in the 80's
Graduated 70's  Add Member - Left the school in the 70's
Graduated 60's -  Add Member - Left the school in the 60's
 HELP - on "Graduation Database" Need Help on adding yourself to the database
There are few other pages designed to help you find old friends (see right). One to ask for a specfic person, one to add the name of a mate who wants his details on the site (like a sibling). You can even try jog a few memories by asking if anyone remembers you!
You can also try the old friend finder page for more insight ... who knows it might help?! - Old Friend Finder

I have also made avaible a friendsreunited password for those who have not got a friends reunited account. However, please don't get me banned from the Friends Reunited website by using this account irresponsibly!!!

Quantock Community - Friends reunited login name:

password: killerhill
You can email friends, and hopefully increasing our numbers on this site, after all this site is free (... and better)!!!