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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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2009 Annual Reunion 


  •  Friday 5 June to Sunday 7 June 2009
  •  Confirmed Attendees [see/add]
  •  Details - cost, details and dates.
  • Message board - have your say!

  • Book on-line - Paypal which is a secure method of transfering money on the internet.
  • However, you can also apply by mail

  • Please spread the word

 Old Reunions   About:


2008 Annual Reunion


20-22 June 2008

Another great day, good fun, tall tales and great company.

It started a bit damp but then the Sun did break through.

There was drinking late into the night and some balloon madness! On Saturday Mr and Mrs Coldwell turned up, which was great, the ex-Quantockain enjoyed meeting them and even seemed to recognise a few faces.

The inter-house tug-o-war on the fountain was a close affair, indeed it was a dead-heat, it was as if the sides were equally matched.

Matron caught a few old boyz and girls mucking about and so, not one to waste good muscle, Matron rounded them up (plus a few more) and got them to cart a bunch of old lockers down the old fire escape from Big Dorm B, for reasons unknown!




2007 Annual Reunion 




8 -10 June 2007.

  • 2007 Reunion
    The sun was out in full force, so much so, that the beer drinking brigade (as I'm sure Mr Phil would term them) had to take shelter in the shade.

Mr Langley and Mrs Bagnall showed up (memo to self, invite more members of staff next year). Mr Langley seemed to take an almost masochistic pleasure in playing 'name that face' - he acquitted himself pretty well (report card: could do better?), although Matron is the true master and can spot an old boy/girl at a 100 yards!

 The interhouse final death-or-glory cricket match between the mighty Coleridge and Fleming ("to settle it once and for all") started initially as a tense affair.

However, as expected, natural sporting ability soon asserted itself and in the end, there was little doubt about the final result with Coleridge pummelling feeble Fleming into submission (could it have any other way I find myself asking?). Word on the street is that there will be interhouse 'sock-ball' in the little gym next year. Maybe Fleming can salvage some honour, but of course we hold out little hope for them.

There was the habitual bonfire and drinking late into the night with some tall talk, wild stories, confessions and secrets not heard in those green halls for many a year, followed by a morning walk in the stunning Quantocks. I'm not sure that I can add much more to that, so I will just add make sure you don't miss out next year, we've not had anyone run for the hills yet!

 2006 Annual Reunion

 2-4 June 2006. 

  • The 2006 Annual Quantock School Reunion is now over. Another great day at Quantock. The Sun beat down, the beer went down even quicker than normal, lawn cricket, bonfires, strolls in the woods, Matron roasted half a a cow for dinner (one of her own highland beef cattle at that!) ... and the usual chat and stories.
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