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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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Message Boards *

There are 1000s of messages to read, here a few of the more interesting ones to start you off with:

Quantock Quotes - Contains famous/funny Quotes from Quantock History.

Quantock Quotes II - As above, but just some more ?/FONT>

Quantock Colloquialisms - Strange words used at Quantock i.e. "Black Nun".

Quantock Colloquialisms II - As above, but just some more ?/FONT>

Quantock Tales - Funny stories that members remember from their days at the School.

Testimonial Page - A page for members to sing the virtues of this site!

School - Newz & Gossip - Tell us any News you've heard about the School.

People - Newz & Gossip - Tell us any News about former friends that you know.

*(Quicker Pointer - Some of the threads on the message boards can be quite long, so you many need to hit "see previous messages" to see the message as it evolved - some of the best stuff is a the start !!!!)


There are hundreds of photos - these are a few you might want to look at first:

School Buildings - Photos of the buildings around the School.

The Teachers and staff - Photos of Members of Staff and the Peasters etc.

School Group Photos - Photos of the Pupil Body by Year: 1971, 1978, 1985, 1988, 1990.

Recent Photo of Members - got a recent photo of you put it in here.

Class of 1983 - Photos of People from the Class of 1985.

Class of 1987 - Photos of People from the Class of 1987.

Class of 1990 - Photos of People from the Class of 1990.


Still more stuff you can have a go at!

Member Location ?where are you now ?put yourself on the map!

Dorm History ?what Dorm did you live in and when.

OFFICIAL SCHOOL Photos (1967-98) ?Put a name to a face in the old School Photos.

Your Contacts ?Do you have the contact details of a old Quantockian.

Favourite Teacher ?Vote for your favourite teacher.

QS Floor-Plan ?have a look at a Floor Plan of the School.

Quantock School Virtual Tour - click on a map, and see a photo of that building.

Member Profiles ?what to write your entire Quantock story ... (see Mine Mike Blake (Class Of 1990))

Reunions ?find out more about planed reunions / organise your own.

Testimonial Page ?If you like this site, feel free to sing its virtues!



Other links About:

New Member's - "To Do List" 

QS HELP Page   


Site Tour /Things To Do Original page: