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07/20/07; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Aquajack: Stacy Mason defeated SKCW Naughty Divas Champion Abigal Morris to win the title

Randy Orton, Tim Wilkins, & Raine defeated Jerome Morris, Scott Wright, & AJ Styles

SKCW World Heavyweight Champion Matt Walker retained against Kurt Angle

Alyssa Amidala defeated SKCW Women's World Champion Torrie Wilson to win the title

Victoria defeated SKCW Women's Champion Kelli Hardy to win the title

Triple H defeated SKCW Champion Matt Hardy to win the title

10/31/08; Baltimore, Maryland

Jason Win defeated Charlie Haas

Aquajack: SKCW Naughty Divas Champion Tai Cooper retained against Kandy Kane

Gwendolyn Riley defeated Sophia Phillips

Chris Kaos defeated Alex Crist

Rose Thorn defeated Kalyna Valenski

Triple H defeated Dylan Monroe

01/23/09; Lubbock, Texas

SKCW North American Champion Edge defeated SKCW European Champion Matt Stevenson to merge the titles

Falls Count Anywhere: Stacy Mason defeated Torrie Wilson

Raine defeated SKCW Divas Champion Melanie Thomas to win the title

Battle Royal for #30 In Divas RR: Winner: Sara; Elimination Order: Tai Cooper, Inverna Sinclair, Tara Rayge, Kelly Justice, Abigal Morris, Kalyna Valenski, Scarlett Davis, Rose Thorn, & Trish Monroe

Musical Chairs: Winner: Maven; Elimination Order: Scar, The Hurricane, Danny Castle, Peppa Spray, Jack, Sable, Holly Matthews, Mini Scar, Tyson Tomko, Rico, & Michelle Morris