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SKCW Archives V2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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SKCW Championship

New Champion Former Champion Date Card
Stevie Richards Presented 07/26/06 Genocide
Scott Steiner Stevie Richards 10/22/06 Halloween Havoc
Kurt Angle Scott Steiner 11/01/06 Genocide
Triple H Kurt Angle 12/31/06 King of The Ring
Michael Carter Triple H 12/31/06 King of The Ring
Held Up Michael Carter 01/22/07 Meeting
Jamie Gunz Battle Royal 01/24/07 Genocide
Scott Walker Jamie Gunz 02/18/07 No Way Out
Kurt Angle(2) Scott Walker 04/15/07 Beach Brawl
Matt Hardy Kurt Angle 06/17/07 King of The Ring
Triple H(2) Matt Hardy 07/20/07 Friday Night Main Event
Matt Walker Triple H 07/22/07 Curse of the Game
Triple H(3) Matt Walker 08/20/07 OverDrive!
Dylan Monroe Triple H 09/16/07 Psychotic Games
Matt Walker(2) Dylan Monroe 10/01/07 OverDrive!
Retired Matt Walker 10/07/07 OverDrive!
Charlie Haas Jerome Morris* 02/17/08 No Way Out
Triple H(4) Charlie Haas 03/23/08 Wrestlemania VI
Randy Orton Triple H 09/14/08 Psychotic Games
Dylan Monroe(2) Randy Orton 10/26/08 Halloween Havoc
Jason Win Dylan Monroe 12/21/08 Massacre on 34th Street