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02/23/07; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Shannon Moore defeated Scar

Sean Stone defeated Raven

Alexis Adams & Serena Morgan defeated Flame & Raine

03/02/07; Boston, Massachusetts

Scott Wright defeated The Beas

CK Syndrome defeated Sean Stone

Serena Morgan defeated Raquel O'Reilly

03/09/07; New York City

Raine defeated Sara Maria Tiger

Vinny Herrera defeated Scar

Jason Morris defeated Scott Wright

08/29/07; San Francisco, California

Trish Morris defeated Fake Steph

Bloodshed & Avarice defeated Booker T & AJ Masters

Cory Hunter & Eric Hunter defeated Raven & Chris Corruption

04/02/08; Chicago, Illinois

The Insanity defeated Danny Castle

SKCW Xtreme Champion J-Franchise retained against Scar

Jason Morris defeated Aaron Young

04/16/08; Phoenix, Arizona

The Insanity defeated Scar

JJ Stallion defeated Dark Matter

Jason Morris defeated John Cena

04/23/08; Denver, Colorado

Danny Castle defeated Scar

Kelly Justice defeated Peppa Spray

Jason Morris defeated Dark Matter

05/29/08; Mobile, Alabama

Raine defeated Scar

Kelly Justice defeated Peppa Spray

Tom Armetta defeated Danny Castle

06/05/08; Miami, Florida

Flame defeated Peppa Spray

Jason Morris defeated Danny Castle

Abigal Morris defeated Fake Steph

06/12/08; Orlando, Florida

Tai Cooper defeated Peppa Spray

Kelly Justice defeated Fake Steph

JJ Stallion defeated Danny Castle

06/26/08; Memphis, Tennessee

Danny Castle defeated Scar

Melanie Thomas defeated Fake Steph

Chad Donovan defeated Bloodshed

07/03/08; Houston, Texas

Tyler Punk defeated Scar

Chad Chaos defeated Danny Castle

Abigal Morris defeated Peppa Spray

07/09/08; San Antonio, Texas

Tai Cooper defeated Fake Steph

JJ Stallion defeated Aska

Melanie Thomas defeated Angel Williams

07/23/08; Dallas, Texas

CK Syndrome defeated Raine

Flame defeated Inverna Sinclair

Tom Armetta defeated Chris Alan

07/30/08; Tokyo, Japan

Raine & Flame defeated Jack & Jillian

Chad Chaos defeated Chris Alan

Alex Crist defeated Tyler Punk

08/06/08; Manchester, England

Chris Alan defeated Tyler Punk

Cyrus Zackariah defeated Chad Chaos

Alex Crist defeated Raine

08/13/08; London, England

Trish Morris defeated Peppa Spray

Jerome Morris defeated Danny Castle

Tara Rayge defeated Phoenix Sinclair

09/03/08; Detroit, Michigan

Kelly Justice defeated Jillian

Cyrus Zackariah defeated Jack

Chris Kleen defeated DDP


Tom Armetta defeated Cyrus Zackariah

CK Syndrome fought Chris Kleen to a No Contest

Jerome Morris defeated Bryan Ryan Lion

12/10/08; Buffalo, New York

Xanthus defeated Danny Castle

Inverna Sinclair defeated Angel

Trish Monroe defeated Phoenix Sinclair

02/04/09; Houston, Texas

Sophia Phillips defeated Envy O'Rahilly

Inverna Sinclair defeated Jasmyne Brooks

Kalyna Valenski defeated Phoenix Sinclair

02/11/09; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Tom Armetta defeated Jack

Jason Morris defeated Tim Wilkins by Count Out

CK Syndrome defeated Chris Kaos by DQ