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05/03/06; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

SKCW World Heavyweight Championship: Matt Walker defeated Chris Walker

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Rose Thorn & Zoe Mason defeated Holly Mathews & Ashlee James

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Stacy Flair & Trish Morris defeated Obsession & Madison Jacobs

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Jerome Morris & Thunder defeated Chase Davidson & Johnny Reckless

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Jamie Gunz & Tim Wilkins defeated Kenny Justice & Kevin Chaos

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Scott Wright & Stanley Ryan Tiger defeated Chris Wright & Joey Danger

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Brandon Davis & Scott Walker defeated Marcus Farwell & Jason Morris

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Kelli Hardy & Flame defeated Tara Rayge & Krystal Dreams

Lethal Lottery Round 1: Alyssa Amidala & Marrisa Bischoff defeated Mallory Maddox & Skylar Manning

05/10/06; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

JBL defeated Jason Morris

Lethal Lottery Round 2: Brandon Davis & Jerome Morris defeated Scott Wright & Thunder

Lethal Lottery Round 2: Jamie Gunz & SRT defeated Tim Wilkins

Ashlee James defeated Krystal Dreams

AJ Styles defeated Marcus Farwell

Lethal Lottery Round 2: Kelli Hardy & Stacy Flair defeated Zoe Mason & Flame

Lethal Lottery Round 2: Marrisa Bischoff & Trish Morris defeated Alyssa Amidala & Rose Thorn by DQ

05/17/06; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

JBL defeated Scott Wright

Thunder defeated Kevin Chaos

Rose Thorn defeated Obsession

AJ Styles defeated Chris Wright

Jerome Morris defeated Brandon Davis

Jason Morris defeated Tim Wilkins

Stanley Ryan Tiger defeated Jamie Gunz

Stacy Flair defeated Trish Morris by DQ

05/31/06; Cleveland, Ohio

Samantha Carmen defeated Debra Lynn Brazier

SKCW North American Champion Brandon Davis retained against Raven

Stacy Flair defeated Obsession by DQ

Jamie Gunz defeated AJ Styles & JBL

Zoe Mason defeated Flame by DQ

Jerome Morris defeated Kurt Angle

Thunder defeated SRT by DQ

Triple H, Alyssa Amidala, & Rose Thorn defeated Matt Walker, Trish Morris, & Mallory Maddox

06/07/06; Cincinnati, Ohio

Torrie Wilson defeated Brianna

Rose Thorn defeated Jessica Wright

Kurt Angle defeated Scar

Jamie Gunz defeated Michael Xavior

Brandon Davis defeated JBL

AJ Styles defeated Jerome Morris

Stacy Flair defeated Debra Lynn Brazier

Matt Walker & Trish Morris defeated Triple H & Alyssa Amidala plus Chris Walker & Zoe Mason

06/21/06; Cancun, Mexico

Jamie Gunz defeated Joey Danger

SKCW Xtreme Champion CK Syndrome retained against Kevin Chaos

John Cena defeated Raven by DQ

Brandon Davis defeated Jason Morris

Bikini Pool Party: Zoe Mason defeated Stacy Flair, Torrie Wilson, & Jessica Wright

Jerome Morris & Trish Morris defeated AJ Styles & Rose Thorn

Triple H & Kurt Angle defeated SKCW Tag Champions Scott Wright & Chris Wright by DQ

JBL defeated Randy Orton

06/28/06; Vancouver, Canada

Trish Morris defeated Fake Steph

AJ Styles defeated SKCW Impact Champion Raven for the title

Abigal Morris defeated Angel

EYOB: Torrie Wilson fought Stacy Flair to a Draw

Flame & Samantha Carmen defeated Zoe Mason & Rose Thorn

JBL defeated John Cena

War Games: Triple H, Kurt Angle, Brandon Davis, & Randy Orton defeated Matt Hardy, Charlie Haas, Jerome Morris, & Jamie Gunz

07/05/06; Montreal Canada

Jamie Gunz defeated John Cena

SKCW Impact Champion AJ Styles retained against Christopher Daniels

Triple H, Kurt Angle, & Brandon Davis defeated Scott Wright, Chris Wright, & Mikey G

Randy Orton defeated Jerome Morris

SKCW Women's Champion Zoe Mason retained against Abigal Morris

SKCW Xtreme Champion CK Syndrome retained against Jason Morris

Rose Thorn & Stacy Flair defeated Trish Morris & Torrie Wilson

Xtreme Rules: Triple H defeated Stevie Richards

07/12/06; Edmonton, Canada

Mikey G defeated Kevin Chaos

Sting defeated Jason Morris

Alyssa Amidala & Scarlett defeated Trish Morris & Abigal Morris

Ladder: SKCW No Limits: Chris Wright defeated Scott Wright

Brianna defeated Obsession

Jamie Gunz & Jerome Morris defeated Triple H & Randy Orton