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08/25/06; Cancun, Mexico

SRT & Christopher Daniels defeated Scar & Jack

Petey Williams defeated Mikey

Ken Kennedy defeated Nicky

Thunder defeated Californian

09/01/06; San Antonio, Texas

Erin Roberts defeated Fake Steph

Californian defeated Chris Wright

Booker T defeated Jason Morris

Tara Rayge defeated Ashlee James

09/28/06; Denver, Colorado

Scott Wright & Chris Wright defeated Johnny & Mitch

Jared Fockler & Vinny Herrera defeated Stanley Ryan Tiger & Christopher Daniels

Trish Morris defeated Tara Rayge

Randy Orton defeated Mikey G

10/05/06; Milwaukee, Wisconin

Erik Ramzey defeated Scar

Chris Wright defeated Aaron Young

Scott Wright defeated Lucas Kaine

Jason Morris & Red Hook defeated Raven & Jared Fockler

10/12/06; St. Louis, Missouri

Sara Maria Tiger defeated Fake Steph

Scott Wright defeated Aaron Young

Vinny Herrera defeated Red Hook by DQ

Tara Rayge defeated Iluvy McAdams

10/26/06; Boston, Massachusetts

Sara Maria Tiger defeated Fake Steph

Raven defeated Booker T

SKCW Tag Team Champions Lucas Kaine & Aaron Young retained against Mikey & Nicky

Scarlett defeated Jasmine Stephens

11/02/06; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Raven defeated Juan Ruelas

Jason Morris defeated Chris Wright

Flame defeated Sara Maria Tiger

Allen Cassidy defeated Lucas Kaine

11/16/06; Orlando, Florida

Jason Morris defeated Bobby Drake

Lee Tiger defeated Juan Ruelas

Jerome Morris defeated Chris Wright

Tim Wilkins defeated Raven by DQ

11/23/06; Tampa, Florida

Shark defeated Erik Ramzey

Tom Armetta defeated Stanley Ryan Tiger by DQ

Jasmine Stephens defeated Teryn Stephens

Flame fought Scarlett to a No Contest

01/25/07; Houston, Texas

Jason Morris defeated Jack

Raine Lockhart defeated Serena Morgan

SKCW Women's World Champion Trish Morris retained against Angel

Raven defeated Vinny Herrera

02/08/07; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

TJ Crist defeated Jason Morris

Serena Morgan defeated Sara Maria Tiger

Christopher Boudreaux defeated Aaron Young & Lucas Kaine by DQ

Raven defeated Scott Wright

02/22/07; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

TJ Crist defeated Lucas Kaine

Big Bad Kowalski defeated Christopher Boudreaux

Scarlett defeatead Angel

03/01/07; East Rutherford, New Jersey

Juan Ruelas defeated Big Bad Kowalski

Trish Morris defeated Obsession

Chris Kleen defeated Thunder

03/08/07; New York  City

Scarlett defeated Angel

Chris Wright defeated TJ Crist

Juan Ruelas defeated Tim Wilkins by Count Out

08/29/07; Oakland, California

Sean Issiah Preston defeated Henry Williams

Razor Rob defeated Jack

Tim Wilkins fought TJ Crist to a Double Count Out

04/02/08; Indianapolis, Indiana

Sophia Phillips defeated Temptra

Alex Crist & Chris Alan defeated Undertaker & Miguel Jorge Matlock

Stephen Tuselli defeated Jakob King

04/16/08; Salt Lake City, Utah

Jezebel defeated Temptra

Jakob King defeated Chris Alan

CK Syndrome defeated Alex Crist

04/23/08; Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chris Alan defeated Mini Scar

Jezebel defeated Temptra

Alex Crist defeated Miguel Jorge Matlock

05/29/08; Birmingham, Alabama

Phoenix Sinclair defeated Temptra

Chris Alan defeated Tyler Punk

Chad Chaos defeated Alex Crist