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SKCW Archives V2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Genocide : Genocide 02/10/09
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From: MSN Nickname×Eric_Bischoff×  (Original Message)Sent: 2/11/2009 2:17 AM

SKCW Genocide Results

02/10/09; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dark Match:

Chris Alan defeated Scar

Alex Crist defeated Mini Scar

"Here I Go Again" plays as the SKCW Highlight Video Plays:

:Pyro Goes off to open up Genocide! as the camera's focus on the announce team:

David: Welcome to another edition of SKCW Genocide coming live from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Kristin: And this is the final Genocide before No Way Out

Frost: And if you watched OverDrive! last night then you know that Jason Win showed up and accused Dylan Monroe of fathering Trish's children so we are hoping to hear from Dylan Monroe tonight and get his side of the allegations

Katie: The Opening Contest of SKCW Genocide is scheduled for one fall

"Just Like You" hits as the Crowd Cheers as Ryan Cage makes his way to the ring

Katie: 1st making his way to the ring, From Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 255 Pounds, He is the 2009 Genocide Royal Rumble Winner, Ryan Cage

Kristin: Well here comes Ryan Cage who as we all know won the Royal Rumble representing Genocide

David: Yeah and Ryan will be apart of War Games at No Way Out

Katie: And his opponent

"I Am The Club" hits as the Crowd Boo's as Blake Johnson makes his way to the ring

Katie: Representing Rated RKO, From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 270 Pounds, Blake Johnson

Frost: And here comes Blake Johnson who will also be apart of War Games at No Way Out

Kristin: So this is a big preview match

Ryan Cage vs Blake Johnson
Referee Nate Thompson sounds the bell as Blake goes right after Cage who side steps Blake and Cage nails a big right hand to Blake sending Blake through the ropes to the floor. Cage then grabs the ropes and uses them to catipult himself over them and out to the floor crashing down onto Blake as both men hit the floor as Ryan gets up first and lifts up Blake and nails a European Uppercut sending Blake back into the barricade as Ryan goes to grab Blake but Blake pokes Ryan in the eyes as Blake lifts up Cage and slams him down face first over the barricade as Blake then nails several stiff kicks to the sides of Cage followed by a Big Boot to Cage taking him down. Blake then grabs Cage and rolls him into the ring as Blake rolls into the ring and Blake goes to to kick Cage but Cage leg sweeps Blake down instead as Ryan then goes for a Figured Four Leg Lock but Blake is able to kick Cage down as Blake then charges at Cage but Cage nails a Lariet taking him down. Cage then pulls up Blake but Blake nails a few shots to the gut of Cage as Blake lifts up Cage for Punishment By Death but Cage is able to escape behind Blake as Cage then grabs the arm of Blake trying to pull him down but Blake instead lifts up Cage and plants him with a Sidewalk Slam. Blake then nails a Pele Kick to Ryan as he got up. Blake then lifts up Ryan and delivers a Sitdown Side Powerslam on him. Blake covers for a 1---2--shoulder up. Blake argues with Nate briefly before pulling him up and Blake looks for Hang Up Your Boots but Cage grabs the legs out of Johnson as Cage looks for the Bay State Walls and begins to turn over Blake but Blake is able to grab the ropes as Nate orders to Ryan to release him which he does but Cage immediatly nails a Modified Neckbreaker onto Johnson. Cage then waits as Johnson gets up and nails a dropkick taking him down. Cage then grabs Blake but Blake rakes the eyes of Ryan and Blake grabs him from behind and attempts to lock on Give In but Cage rams Blake into the corner and then pulls forward as Blake still has it half way on and Ryan rams him again and then again into the corner until Blake gives up as Ryan then grabs Blake and goes for the Cage Knock Out but Blake rams Cage into the corner instead as Blake then kicks Ryan in the gut and Blake looks for Hang Up Your Boots once again but Cage escapes out and nails The Cage Knock Out on Blake as Ryan then grabs the arm of Blake and locks in the Cage Crossface on Blake and wrenches back as Blake taps out in pain.
Winner: Ryan Cage

"Just Like You" hits as Ryan Cage rolls out to the floor as Ryan gets his arm raised

Katie: Your winner, Ryan Cage

Kristin: Ryan Cage gets the win here

Frost: Well Blake gave a great effort

David: Yeah but Ryan shows why he won the Rumble and guaranteed himself a SKCW Title Match at Wrestlemania VII


:Jackie McAllister is shown with SKCW Champion Jason Win who has the title over his shoulder as is with Adrianna Montag:

Jackie McAllister: I'm here with SKCW Champion Jason Win who last night dropped a huge bombshell when he claimed that Dylan Monroe fathered Trish's children. Jason what made you accuse him

Jason Win: I didn't accuse Dylan. I just told the truth

Jackie McAllister: And how do you know this?

Jason Win: Because its obvious. Dylan is alot like myself in the fact we've had alot of women in this company over the years. Of course Dylan is now a shell of his former self and never had three women at once like yours truly

Jackie McAllister: Three?

Jason Win: Yes my girlfriend Adri

:Jason kisses Adrianna:

Jason Win: Plus the twin delight Erin and Oktober but then again theres only one Jason Win

:Jason smirks:

Jason Win: But Dylan has had his share of women in his time and Trish was no doubt one of them. Just look at her last name for crying out loud. She uses Monroe but has no relation to Dylan or so it seems

Jackie McAllister: What are you saying?

Jason Win: I'm just saying the situation should be reviewed and Tyson who worked for Trish told me that Trish has in fact a gag order which prevents her from ever speaking of who the true father is if it came out and well theres only two men that are smart enough to do that. Myself and Dylan

Jackie McAllister: I see but aren't you worried that Dylan may come after you tonight?

:Jason starts to laugh:

Jason Win: No I'm not worried because Dylan isn't coming tonight. I heard he was appearing Via Satelight again because he's using Lauren as an excuse for why he isn't here. Something about her being under the weather. The fact is she probably kicked his ass out after she found out that he knocked up a cheap whore like Trish

Jackie McAllister: Thats a little uncalled for

Jason Win: Whatever but like I was saying the fact Dylan didn't show up tonight proves that he in fact knocked up Trish and no matter what he says tonight. We all know the truth. Now if you don't mind, I have a private party to be getting to

:Jason and Adrianna walk away:

:Another Area Backstage:

:Zoe Mason and Stacy Mason are shown together:

Zoe Mason: Sis I don't know why your going to do this

Stacy Mason: I don't have any choice. If I don't then I lose my title and I'm suspended

Zoe Mason: Can't you go to Seth Ryan to get out of it

Stacy Mason: If Seth were here I could but apprantaly he's in LA tonight due to what happened on OverDrive! Last Night

Zoe Mason: So Dylan is the father!

Stacy Mason: I don't know but I wouldn't doubt it

Zoe Mason: But Dylan was always...

Stacy Mason: Remember back in the day Dylan wasn't Dylan Monroe the A-Lister, he was merely Dark Marine

Zoe Mason: Thats true but I just can't believe that he would sleep with Trish. She's so not his type

Stacy Mason: Jealous are we?

Zoe Mason: Of course not but it makes me look bad. Think about it Stace, my ex and my brother both had the same woman

Stacy Mason: Eww yeah that is kinda bad

:Zoe and Stacy both laugh:

Zoe Mason: Just be careful tonight sis

:Stacy nods:

Commercial Ad for SKCW No Way Out-Long Ad

David: Welcome back to Genocide

Kristin: Well we heard from Jason Win and we are going to hear from Dylan Monroe at some point tonight

Frost: Yeah but lets go to the ring for our next match

Katie: The Following Contest is scheduled for one fall

"To Be Loved" hits as the Crowd Cheers as Matt Stevenson makes his way to the ring

Katie: 1st making his way to the ring, From Dallas, Texas weighing in at 225 Pounds, Matt Stevenson

David: And here comes Matt Stevenson who has a big chance to make a major mark for himself tonight

Kristin: Yeah Stevenson is taking on a multi-time former World Champion tonight

Katie: And his opponent

"Burn In My Light" hits as the Crowd Boo's as Randy Orton makes his way out with the SKCW Tag Team Title over his shoulder

Katie: From St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 265 Pounds, He is one half of the SKCW Tag Team Champions, The "Legend Killer" Randy Orton

Frost: And now here comes Randy Orton

Kristin: Well both of these men will be apart of War Games at No Way Out

Randy Orton vs Matt Stevenson
The crowd grow quiet in anticipation of the following match. Brett Firda, the referee for the contest, explains the rules of the match before calling for the bell. Matt Stevenson and Randy Orton circle one another for a few moments. They soon lock up in the centre of the ring and push and pull at one another. Randy pushes Matt into the ropes, but Matt pushes off the ropes and forces Randy back into the middle of the ring. The two men break free and Randy shoves his closed fist into Matt's head knocking him down. Brett Firda warns Randy not to use closed fists but Randy just shrugs him off. Randy grabs a hold of Matt and picks him up, He sends Stevenson to the ropes with an irish whip and when Matt comes back Randy jumps up nailing a dropkick knocking Matt down hard. Randy crawls onto Matt and begins to unleash a barrage of attacks to Matt's head. Soon the referee physically grabs a hold of Randy and pulls him off of Matt. Randy pushes the referee down and tries it again but Brett Firda grabs Orton again and pulls him off. Randy turns around as Brett tells him he is one step away from being disqualified. Randy shouts at the referee as Matt Stevenson gets up holding his jaw. Matt grabs a hold of Orton's tights nearly pulling them down showing Randy's ass to the world, he pulls Randy down with a roll up pin 1.... 2... 2.8 kick out by Orton. Both men get up but Matt quickly takes Orton down with a Hip Toss, He holds onto Orton's arm and picks him up. He irish whips him into the turnbuckle and quickly charges at Orton nailing a turnbuckle clothesline and then a bulldog straight after! Matt quickly jumps onto Orton's back and locks in a camel clutch. Orton reaches out in pain, trying to get to the ropes but is too far away. Soon Orton builds up some strength and brings his knee's up and soon pushes his way up forcing Matt off him. Matt quickly gets back up and tries again for a camel clutch but Orton shoves him away. Orton turns to Matt who is running at him and quickly nails a RKO onto him out of nowhere! Randy covers Matt 1... 2...3!
Winner: Randy Orton

"Burn In My Light" hits as Randy Orton celebrates the win

Katie: Your winner, Randy Orton

Kristin: Well Randy Orton gets the win here tonight

Frost: Was there any doubt

David: Well Stevenson gave a good fight but the veteran Orton gets the win and evens the score in the battle between the two teams heading to War Games

:Backstage: Rated RKO's Locker Room

:Edge is shown smiling as he is watching a TV when Torrie Wilson enters:

Edge: Where have you been

Torrie Wilson: I just got here

Edge: Why the hell were you at OverDrive! last night

Torrie Wilson: I was invited there

:Edge motions as Blake and Brock leave the locker room:

Edge: Are you sleeping with him

Torrie Wilson: What? Sleeping with who?

Edge: Sean Walker

Torrie Wilson: No

Edge: Do you want to?

:Torrie laughs:

Torrie Wilson: Of course..not

:Edge looks at Torrie:

Edge: Then tell me Torrie. Why is it that I still haven't gotten any from you. Your reuptation..

Torrie Wilson: Forget my reputation. I'm tired of being known as the so called slut of the locker room. I'm not easy but if you think I am...

Edge: Thats not what I'm saying. I just don't..

Torrie Wilson: Don't worry. I'm here aren't I. Stay focused on the task at hand which is your match tonight against AJ Styles and then War Games

Edge: Oh I'm focused don't you worry about that

:Another Area Backstage: Erin Roberts Office

:Erin Roberts is shown looking over papers when Oktober Roberts enters:

Oktober Roberts: Hey sis

Erin Roberts: Hey there

Oktober Roberts: So you ready to embarass Stacy

Erin Roberts: Of course. I'm just taking care of some last minute things. Is Jodhi here yet. I wanted to do that first

Oktober Roberts: No she's not

Erin Roberts: Damn that girl. I promised Jason and Tyson that they would get a show from her

Oktober Roberts: Call her

:Erin gets out her cell and calls Jodhi:

Erin Roberts: Jodhi where the hell are you...

:Erin's mouth drops:

Erin Roberts: What are you doing there.

:Erin listens as her face changes to that of anger:

Erin Roberts: You don't work for Seth! You work for me!.

:Oktober shakes her head:

Erin Roberts: Fine forget it but you still have to earn my trust and girl your going to have to do two times worse next time your here

:Erin hangs up the phone:

Erin Roberts: Damn Seth anyway

Oktober Roberts: What?

Erin Roberts: He has her on assignment for him

Oktober Roberts: Doing what?

Erin Roberts: Research on something. What I don't know

Oktober Roberts: We have to do something about Seth

Erin Roberts: Oh after No Way Out we won't have to worry seeing as if Dylan loses then we have all the power

Oktober Roberts: But what if Dylan wins then nothing changes except Jason isn't champion

Erin Roberts: Thats why Jason can't lose so whatever Jason wants we have to do to make sure he's 100% focused on the task at hand

Commercial Ad for SKCW Wreckage, SKCW Mayhem!, & SKCW Divas

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