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|:: The scene begins as the [Fed] is coming back from a commerical on the JVC Boombox. With the recent fall of AE, and IWE, it seems that there is a rush too get into a diffrent federations. Former IWE and former AE stars are filling up the federations and one of the federations that they seem to be coming too is [Fed]. The [Fed] is a new uprising fed owned by [Owner]. This federation will definently become one of the best in time with all of the main superstars coming too it. One

"Honestly, it's disappointing."

"I came to the Domain for a challenge, I mean, isn't this one of the longest lasting companies within the circuit today? That's what I thought, however I haven't seen anything special thus far. We've got Midnight and her sister, running around like they've got their heads cut off. We've got the little wannabes in the lower divisions like those italian girls who can't seem to catch a break. Then we have Jessica Stryker, the girl who thinks she deserves the world, but still can't prove she's worth anything. Last, but not least, we have Faith, who acts like a fighting champion but falls on her face when it comes to picking a worthy contender. I've seen it all before, and frankly, I'm tired of it. This is supposed to be the Domain, and I'll I've seen so far is a bunch of carbon copies of every other place I've been in. The most annoying part, is that the only thing people seem to be able to say about me, is that I'm supposily a slut. Who have I slept with? Nobody here. Who have I even shown interest in? One person. Yet somehow, maybe because I have the biggest breasts in this place, or maybe because I just beat the rest at being sexy, this makes me a slut. Well, I've heard it all before, and I'm wondering how many more people need to say it before you all become tired of yourselves. Who has said it now? Faith, Ariana, Jessica, anybody else? If that's the only thing you have on me, and it doesn't even make sense, then I think I'm doing pretty damn well. In all truth though, where the hell has the originality gone?"

"All of you bitches walk around from week to week saying the same things that have already been said. It causes me to repeat myself every week, and I'm not really fond of it. So how about you all start growing some brains and think of something different for a change. I can't really blame you for running in circles though, girls, I mean, what else is there to say about me? You can't really call me ugly, because everyone knows that's not true. You can't call me flat, because I mean, look at me. You can't call me untalented because I've destroyed every ho they've put in front of me. You can't say I don't deserve to be at the top of the ladder, because I've already proven that I do. What else are you really going to say in order to TRY and get under my skin? The only thing anyone can ever think up is that 'Oh, umm...Talon Hartman is a slut. Yeah, that's what she is...'. Nice try chicks, but unlike most of you, I don't give it up for any bob or joe. But I understand girls, I really do, but can you all do me a favor and be original for once? Surprise me, I'd like to see something different, though I wouldn't blame any of you if you couldn't think of something else."

"I have to say though, Jessica has really gone to new heights to make herself look more stupid than she actually is. Her response to why she didn't kick out of Faith's finisher is because she supposily took most of the beatings in that match. Well, first and foremost, we were all trying our best in that match, your best just wasn't good enough and you can't deal with it. The only reason I didn't break that count was because I was to busy beating the hell out of Midnight to realize you were being manhandled by Faith. One thing is for sure though, you did take most of the beating in that match, but I'm not sure why you would view that as a good thing. You were the only one in that match that took that much beating, because you failed to defend yourself. You were an easy target, and you didn't ask yourself why? Because you were the weak link within the fatal four way, the one that everyone knew they had to get a pin on to get the win. Then look what happened, you were the one pinned. Faith won that match and retained the title, but I didn't lose, neither did Midnight, it was you Jessica. The only person who really lost was you. You were pinned, you were the weak link, deal with it. The only thing I've heard from you since 2009 Wayz 2 Die is excuses, just like always. 'I was payed off, everyone was after me'. Blah blah blah. I'd like to hear your reasonings if you lose this one-on-one. There's no doubt I'll be your scapegoat, you'll say I counted fast or something. Just know it'll be your own fault, and maybe one day you'll accept that."

"Sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, Jess? How so? I think I'm sticking it firmly where it deserves to belong. Actually, where I deserve to be is in your place, kicking Faith's ass for the Bytch Championship, but I wasn't chosen, because Faith is afraid of you. That's the only reason why you were picked Jess, because she's pinned you before and she can do it again. You haven't won a match in God knows when, I'm simply better than you, so what makes you think you deserve this match? Exactly, so stop talking out your ass before your hair turns a brighter shade of blonde. I didn't ask to be the special referee in this match, I was given this spot. I don't want it, because I'd much rather be inside the match itself. However, this is what I have to do, and part of me is going to enjoy this. I mean, I have the best seat in the house to watch Faith tear you limb from limb, who wouldn't like that? Atleast Faith knows when to keep her mouth shut, and when to talk shit. Who the hell is going to talk shit to the referee? The person who holds your future in their hands. I didn't even say anything about you, other than the fact that you don't deserve this title shot - which you don't. You know it, I know it, Faith knows it, and the whole God damn company knows it. You don't seem to think it relevant that I've already put your face into the ground, but I think it is. I've already proven your worth, and it's close to nothing. I don't understand how you can have such a big ego when you've been beaten by almost everyone in the company. You're like the female Leaky Format. Get over yourself hun, I'm actually hoping Faith knocks some sense into you."