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//. INNOCENT: Chapter One.


1. free from moral wrong; without sin; pure
2. free from legal or specific wrong; guiltless
3. not involving evil intent or motive
4. not causing physical or moral injury; harmless
5. devoid (usually fol. by of)
6. having or showing the simplicity or naiveté of an unworldly person; guileless; ingenuous.
7. uninformed or unaware; ignorant.
8. an innocent person.
9. a young child.
10. a guileless person.
11. a simpleton or idiot.

Imagine an icy lake, it's been frozen for the whole winter. The leaves off the trees have fallen down long before, and the earth seems dead. It's been dead for awhile now, ever since the King of Thieves, Akmed came to power. He'd take control by force from the previous king, and brought tyranny upon the once happy people of the Domain. What he didn't know was that the former King, Zarek, was rising up in the East. The kingdom of the Domain was ready for their leader to come back to the throne and...

...ahh fuck that. Fade in on Zarek, sitting upon a golden throne, a gold crown upon his head. It sits crooked, and in all honesty, he looks a bit unfortable within the expensive drab.

"Isn't this whole King thing a little tiresome?"

He raised his eyebrow, a questioning look dancing upon his facial expression. He seemed a little bored as well, like he had just watched something over...and over...and over again. It's what the Domain fans have been forced to do.

"I mean, this whole promo idea has been used time and time again, I'm bored with it. Oooh, evil king being smited by the man who dared to revolt against him. I've seen it plenty of times, and I've even done it myself. I pulled it back in Krystmas Kaos 2007, then Stevenson did it, then Christina Gellar, Scott Addams, and I even think people are still trying to revamp it as lately as 2009 Wayz 2 Die. The sad thing is, I probably wasn't even the first person to pull that promo idea. However, I did seem to see a rise in it's use after Krystmas Kaos 07. Now we have Akmed using the tired old thing. Look, it's old, it's dead, it's on the ground, it'd not breathing. If anyone would be able to revamp that thing and make it into a new idea, it would be someone like Seifer, not yourself. So quit the 'you killed my parents so I killed your cousin, let's duel! Grrrr'. act. I don't really feel like dealing with it for the umpteenth time. If you're going to try and tell a story, atleast be original about it, Akmend. That should be lesson number one of the day."

"Besides, usually the King is someone who actually sits on a throne. For instance, when I pulled it off, Drew Stevenson was the King. With his ego, he thought he literally sat upon the throne of the MSN empire. So naturally, mine made sense. Hell, he still thinks he owns the place. Wasn't his latest gimmick 'the last emperor of MSN'? Yeah, that's what I thought. I think Drew even wrote himself into a story as the king before, so there ya go. However, I think for the first time in err...ever...someone has given me the title of the evil king. That definitely shocks me, especially coming from someone who has proven he knows close to nothing about me. I've never claimed myself to be a king, because I would never declare myself something that I'm not. I surely don't hold the Domain Heavyweight Championship, and I'm definitely not even in the Hall of Fame the last time I checked. Not to mention the fact that I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I value heart, and if you have the ability, I'll see it, even if you don't come out on top. I don't think I've known anyone else who's been known to respect their opponents as much as I do. So why anybody would depict me as somewhat of an evil king is far beyond me. So tell me Akmed, why am I the evil king? It seems to me that you're the one walking about here with the high head, acting like you're worth the world, spitting on the good people, like myself. Maybe I should take this as a compliment, you see me as near the top of the Domain roster. Thank you for that, but I feel the need to make certain things straight, to make sure you know a bit more about me. I'm not Seifer, I'm not Drew Stevenson, but I will kick your ass if I have too."

"You don't make much sense, Akmed. Either you're exceeding in confusing me, or you're just a dumbass. One second you call me a pile of shit, and the next second you're saying you respect my accomplishments. So which is it man? You can't call out insults and respect me at the same time. You say that we're not strangers to each other, but aren't we? I only know you by your horrible reputation, and you know me by my accomplishments within the Domain...I suppose. I've never met you inside the ring, I've never met you outside of the ring. I don't know anything about you, so don't pretend like we're best buds, like we've had some like fued or something of the sort. We've never been in the ring with each other, we know nothing about each other's abilities firsthand. Given, for all I know you could have done your homework, watched some tapes about me, learned how to reverse my moves, whatever. Even though I don't know you, don't know what you're capable of personally, that's still never stopped me before, and I put my heart into it no matter what."

"You're nothing I haven't seen before, Akmed. You've proved that you're not out to be original, you're out to be a follower. I know many like you. Leaky Format, Jay Styles, Hank: all men have egos beyond belief but have never been able to back it up. Sure, Leaky has some title reigns under his belt that were basically handed to him. Jay Styles has a couple pathetic BUDvision reigns, his most recent includes dropping the title and running out of the company. Hank, well, I'm sure he's won a title or two, probably got lucky sometime. What about you though Akmed? What do you have to show for your struggles? A few arguments with management is all I know of. Have you done more though? Can you show me that you're better than the rest of these chumps that you've been grouped with? I know you suffered a lose at the Pay-Per-View, but atleast you're here now, still trying to press on. You've already got one over Styles, I'm sure he would have bailed out of fear by now. Now all you have to do is prove yourself inside that ring."

"I'm glad you saw what I did to Roxy at 2009 Wayz 2 Die, but I'm interested to see why you don't find it impressive. I fought Roxy to better the Domain. If anyone should be depicted as an evil empreror, it's Roxy. She's been supressing the entire roster for her own gain, and I put her through two tables. I gave YOU a chance to fight within the Domain, to make your own decisions on where you want to go. It's up to YOU now. I don't think it makes me tough, but people like yourself weren't man enough to stick up for themselves, so somebody had to do it.