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While it's true the Four Horsemen were successful, arguably the most successful with professional wrestling, it was the members that made that success, and not the name. From that point on, the only people to use that name have been those worthy of it. One branch had Dante Cross and NovaCaine joining forces under that very name in Chicago. Another branch involves Seifer and his buddies over in Michigan. However, the name has never been scarce within the wrestling world, you'll always find random members popping up out of nowhere. Some deserve the name like the cases of Chicago and Michigan, while others simply don't, like the new branch in North Carolina.

Just incase you missed that, let's look at it again, the members are the ones that made the group successful, not the name.

Have you ever seen the worst form of the Four Horsemen? You will. Scott Andrew has gone out of his way to break the record of creating the worst stable in the history of professional wrestling. As he saw it, all Zarek could do was laugh, and wonder if they were serious. He was all for the little people combining their forces and going after the top dogs and whatnot. He admires heart more than anything else, and atleast they have that. As the scene opens, the camera is shot in the face with a streamer. SURPRISE!

" talk about last week like it was a surprise, Andrew. Are you really that naive to believe you could have walked out with the win? I don't mean to be rude, well maybe just a little bit, but come on Scott, even you have to admit that you were out of your element. Atleast you admit defeat though, I half expected you to come out here and give us some crap line about how you weren't ready, or how I cheated somehow. You also seem to act surprised that Addams and I formed this alliance kind of deal. But I have to ask you, why? We both expressed our hatred toward you, and infact we should both be thanking you, for making us realize that we do really work well as a team. Against you, was the only time besides in Chicago that we were actually on the same side. Let's be honest though Andrew, you don't hate Scott. Well, maybe you do now, but not more than me. If you hate Addams more than myself, than why not cost him the Cyber Television Championship, instead of yours truley? Why wasn't it him that you hit with the chair? Exactly. You used to have a hard-on for Addams a couple months ago, don't deny it. It wasn't until after Addams tossed you into the trash that you started to say you hated him. So don't give me some bullshit like I sold out or something. I really don't know if it was him who got you deported or not, I still think you did it to yourself to get out of going up against me, but whatever, that's between you two I guess."

He shurgs, before continuing on.

"Don't act like you're
 the first couple of people to walk around trying to be the Four Horsemen re-incarnated. It's been done before, over and over again. The least you could have done was decide on an original name. I expected it out of you though Andrew, trying to be more like someone else, thinking it'll make you better. It won't Andrew, and if we have to be the first people to show you, then so be it."

Waving it off with his hand, he reaches to his side. When he brings up back up, it looks as if he is holding some sort of popper. He pulls on a small string, and after a loud POP!, more streamers are sprayed across the lense of the camera.

"It doesn't surprise me though Andrew, that you found some other chumps that share the same interests as you. Jason Flair...someone I've already beaten, so I'm not surprised if he despises me. All I did to him was pin him to the mat, but then again, that's all I've ever done to you either, and you seem to hate me for some odd reason. Both of you took a backseat to me because you can't beat me, plain and simple. I never pushed myself ahead of you, and I never claimed to be higher up on the ladder than you were. Infact, I was the lowest on those rungs. I came back after an injury, after losing my title, and I got told to start from the bottom. So I did. That's the only reason I went up against you, Jason, and then you, Scott. You take a back seat because I'm better than you, without sugar coating anything. Bring all your buddies to ringside to make sure you don't get screwed over. I don't really care. I've never needed to screw anyone over to get the win, and if you're trying to insinuate that you were screwed over, I'd be happy to go up against you yet again. Just to prove that I was the rightful winner. Besides, Addams and I can handle ourselves just fine. Impressive? Hardly. Unless you're saying it's impressive because you have numbers. They say they're strength in numbers, and you probably believe that, but when you have a certain amount of talent, numbers just don't matter. We'll take on your entire squad if you really want to, Andrew."

He throws his hands up into the air, as if to say 'bring it on'.

"Now you want to throw Duke Andrews at us, and you think it means something. Duke just got his ass kicked by Kevin Sane in Chicago, he's really no such threat to Scott and myself. Honestly. He's already gotten fired from ICWA, so I doubt he'll even show up at that. You see, what I don't understand is how all this has to do with our match. Sure, thanks for telling me about this lame group of people you've put together but you barely ever mention your own partner. I don't see a four on two match. We'd be happy too, as I've stated before, but tonight you're partnered with Slender. I don't want to hear about your butt buddy Flair, or your long time love affair with Duke. If I was Slender, I would throw the match against you anyway. You just said he wasn't good enough to be in your chump entourage, that's a big ass insult in my book. In all honesty, Slender beats you by a mile, Andrew. He won't be enough to put a win over us, but I'd put money on the fact that he's better than you. He's on 'tryout' ha. If, and when you lose this match, it'll probably be you who gets pinned and not him. Lastly, I don't know how long you're going to continue this annoying reality check line, because you got your ass kicked last time, and this time won't be any different."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fade.