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Legal Name: Erik Gordon Rivers
Date of Birth: November 16th, 1977
Anahiem, California
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status:
Divorced [from Aaron Pierce] (w/ kids)
Years Pro:
Five years

Ring Name: Laz
"The Assassin" "Original Psycho"
Eric Young [formerly Chris Daniels]
Crowd Status:
Height: 6'5"
Theme Tune: "Archetype" by Fear Factory

Wrestling Style: Laz is simply an all-arounder, relying a lot on his speed. He is able to execute pretty much any move with the same excellance, depending on the opponent. He isn't afraid to leap off the top turnbuckle, or try to lift a four hundred man.
In-Ring Attire:
Black or Blue baggy denim jean shorts that reach to his knees that are pulled down to show just the top of his boxers, black or white low cut Nike sneakers, both of his wrists are covered by wrist bands that are black and white, and a white arm band around his left bicep that is outlined in black. For his entrance, he'll either wear a pre-selected jersey from his vast collection with a matching fitted hat or he'll wear one of his many logo tees with a black fitted hat along with his trademarked steel chain around his neck.
Entrance Description:
The audience is cheering for thewir favorite superstars. We see signs for people such as Andrew Blake, Tribus, Big Daddy, and of course many others. Suddenly, the lights go out, leaving the cheering fans in the darkness. They soon become silent form wonder. We hear a man laughing, and as soon as the laugh is heard "Immortal" by Adema pours out of the speakers. Green and white lights circle the arena as the music blares on. One green light and one whitew light meet at the top to form a light green spotlight upon the one and only Laz, he wears his usual black clothing and his cocky grin. He walks about half way down the steel ramp, taunting as he goes, before he makes a stop. He does one last final pose when green pyros shoot from the sides of the ramp. He slides into the ring after all of the pyros have been unleashed, waiting for his match to begin.

10-15 Standard Moves
Full Nelson Slam
Pendelum Backbreaker
Stalling High Verticle Suplex
Spiked DDT
Gorilla Press into Powerslam
Running Shoulder Block
Short Arm Clothesline
Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
Dragon Sleeper
Tiger Bomb[Double Underhook Powerbomb]
Rolling Neckbreaker
Poke to the Eye followed by a Running STO
Swinging Neckbreaker
Sit-Out Back Suplex[A'la John Cena]
Hooking Fisherman's Suplex
The Throwback
One-Man Flapjack
Four Punch Combo[ends with the fourth punch coming after a big wind up]

1-3 Trademark Moves
"Flatliner" -- Downward's Spiral
"Assassination" -- Canadian Destroyer
"Wings of a Butterfly"--Masterlock

Finishing Moves (no more than 2)
"Last Rites" -- Test Drive

Brief Character BiographyConnor hasn't had much time to flourish, not being in the wrestling buisness for very long, but it is known that he has potential. He comes from a family of four brothers (Jarren, Kieran, Tommy, and himself), all having some ties to the Irish mob. Although no one has ever been able to tie them in, they all have been known to be shady, getting mixed up in the wrong things. Connor, known as the most sane of the bunch, still has that something in his blood, and he can't deny it. Connor can hold his own without his brothers, and the wrestling buisness will soon realize that.

Past Relationships:
Psyche Ward [w/ Chris Walker] Insane Psychos [w/ Chad Savage] Violent Conduct [Nefarious, Oxi, Kimiko, Johnny Dangerous] Final Solution [w/ Jayson Sinclair], Formerly married to Aaron Pierce
Past Companies: Various independant wrestling companies
Past Accomplishments:
AWC Tag Team Championships [w/ Chris Walker], AE World Heavyweight Championship, AE Tag Team Championships [w/ Chad Savage] PCW Tag Team Championship [w/ Matt Hunter] SEE Zero-Ex Championship