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;.__Eric James

Wrestlers Name: Eric James
Monikers: The Orentator
Poser: Rusty Joiner
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Residing: New Orleans, Louisiana
Theme Music: Riot by Three Days Grace
Alignment: Neutral/Face

Moveset [Minimum of Fifteen moves.]
1. Exploder Suplex
2. Bulldog
3. High Impact Backdrop
4. Backbreaker
5. Flying Closeline
6. Drop-Sault (a la Paul London)
7. Jumping Calf Kick
8. DDT
9. Hangman's Neckbreaker
10. Enziguri
11. Spinebuster
12. Spear
13. Somoan Drop
14. Snaomare Dropkick
15. Flying Wheel Kick

Submissions [Minimum of Five.]
1. Sleeper Hold
2. Camel Clutch
3. STF
4. Indian Deathlock
5. Crossface Chickenwing

Trademark Moves [Maximum of Four.]
1. Knockout (Code of Silence)
2. EJ Cutter (Twirley Cutter)
3. Decapitation (Double Stomp Fameasser)
4. Lousiana Magnolia (Devil Lock

Finishing Moves [Maximum of Two.]

1. Acid Reflux (Heart Attack 2.0)
2. The Tragedy (Angel's Wings)

Detailed Entrance: ---------------------

Age: 23
Birthdate: 10-15-1983
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Marital Status: Taken




. Character Bio
Following his life partner, Brian Juneau, Eric really hasn't had much time to prove himself. Although Brian has much experience on Eric, he doesn't plan on living within his shadow, or even using Brian's name to launch into stardom. Not much is known about him, this being his first contracted wrestling job, but it's positive more will be revealed as time progesses

. Favorite types of Matches
TLC matches and Cage matches

.Least favorite types of Matches
Singles matches, regular one-on-ones bore him

.Wrestling Style
More of an all-arounder, not focusing on one specific style

.Character Style (in the ring)
Black wrestling shorts with his last name running down his left leg in sea green

.Character Style (outside the ring)
Normally just jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Brian Juneau

None as of yet