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When I say something, I mean it. When I promise something, I follow through. When I say that someone is a chump and couldn't beat me on their best day, it's true. That's exactly what happened last week when Phoenix Winterborn thought he could handle the pure power that is me. I warned him, I tried to tell him that he just wouldn't be able to put one over me. I even told him I said something special in store for him. Of course, he kept running his mouth like a little bitch, so I decided to go for his title, told him I'd get a hold of it, just because I didn't like him. I'm glad I got his attention by slamming his whore wife into the ground, and dragging his mistress, or whatever she is, into the back. Now look at what I've got, a title match coming my way, just like I said. I told him to shut up or he'd be dropping that title to me, now it looks like he's going to have to. Well, anyway, I find myself on the opposite side of the street, sitting on what appears to be a bus stop. Across the street, Phoenix and Karime sitting at what appears to be some sort of outside resteraunt for lunch.

LEGION "Well Phoenix, I'm glad you're man enough to admit defeat. Not many people around here can do such a thing, and given your words last week, I expected you to play off my win as something of a fluke. Maybe you'd jump on the whole pay off bandwagon, and say you were payed off. I expected you to say that I didn't deserve this match, though I'm glad you realize I do. In time, you'll come to realize I deserve more than just a title shot at the Evoultion Championship. I mean, you've obviously already fallen victim to me once, and you may not realize it yet, but I'm just to much for you. You got a glimpse of it, and I see it in your eyes. You know I'm just to go for you. To strong, to skillfull, to whatever, but to much for you to handle, and I think you know you've gotten yourself into a world of trouble this time."

LEGION "Lightening never struck before Phoenix, it won't strike this time. Just me, you, and then you hitting the floor. Your little metaphors don't work here. The only thing that matters is the truth, that you're already half way there, I just need to finish you off. Another truth, you lost in a tag team match the week I arrived here, yet you claim last week was the first time you've lost in a month. You can't psych me out Phoenix, if that what you were trying to do with that lie. Maybe I just kicked the shit out of you so bad that you didn't even remember the tag match you had. The second one is more likely, you did take a beating last week. I could see if you've forgotten matches since that Shotgun 2.0 I hit you with. There's no parade needed, but that Evoultion Championship around my waist will do just fine. The only thing I have to ask you, is what do you think is stopping me from taking it from you? What do you think is stopping me from beating you this time?"

LEGION "You seem to think you have this in the bag, but I want to know why. You couldn't match my power last time, and I don't understand what makes you think you can do it this time. Don't you see Phoenix, I've already risen to greatness. I've beaten you, and I'm about to become Evolution Champion on my second week on the job. You can't stop this rise Phoenix, it's already in motion, and once I start, I can't be stopped. You do have one thing right though, a lot of people come through here thinking they're the best. One person in recent memory would be you. Last week, and even this week, you claimed to be at the top of this place, yet you don't have a win over any of this places top superstars. You don't even compare to them. You are among the very people that you talk about, and I feel it's my duty to prove you wrong. To put you in your place. Seifer has proved himself as one of the greats, yes. Zarek Lyle has proved it, yes. Even Drew Stevenson has proved it, yes."

LEGION "But your name doesn't go anywhere near theirs. How could a chump such as yourself even THINK about mentioning your own name in the middle of theirs. It's despicable. You have such a high regard for yourself, that you don't even see how pathetic you are. You don't measure up to any of those three, you don't even measure up to me. They might have gone on to do better things, but you honestly think you'll do the same? What's after the Evolution title? The Franchise, then the BUDvision. Either Kit Black, Menacide, or Johnny Guivera will be holding one of those titles. You truly, without a doubt, think you stand up against them? No. After I beat you now, take that title off your unworthy shoulder, you won't move onto the Franchise or the BUDvision, you'll stay right here, trying to get the title off of me. The thing is, you won't be able to. So you'll stay on the bottom of the pile, wishing you'd never crossed paths with me. I can beat you every week for the rest of my career if I had too, plain and simple, let alone twice in a row. You aren't as good as you think you are Phoenix, I've already proved that, but apparently I have to prove it yet again.

LEGION "Last time I checked this wasn't a battle of kareoke, and we weren't trying to get on American Idol. I don't really care about the music you listen to, or what you THINK applies to me. This is about me kicking your ass and taking that title. That's it. I'll tell you what, you can listen to your music and do some lyrical analysis on them AFTER I beat you for the second time in a row, does that sound fair? I think it does. I never said I was going to run rampant through the Domain little one, I said I was going to run rampant through you. I've already done that, and now I'm having to do it again. I can't tell you about the future, I'm no psychic, unlike you who claims you're going to go on to bigger things. No. I know where I stand and right now, all I know is there will definitely be one body left in my wake, and that's you. Thank you for yet another history lesson about people who think they're good, like yourself, but I don't need to hear it. What is it with you and trying to compare me to other things?"

LEGION "Other people who might have come through the Domain, songs, and God knows what else. You can't compare this power to anyone else Phoenix, I am unique, and I am unlike anyone else you've ever gone up against. The only dreams that will soon become shattered, are your own. You had those same thoughts when you first arrived here? Dude, you STILL have those thoughts. You're STILL claiming to be the best, and saying you're as good as people like Seifer. You're a fricken hypocrite. I commend this Zach Halo person for giving you a reality check, but I don't think he instilled it enough. Looking at you now, you haven't come very far, despite what you may think. You're still the chump you've always been. Look at you, "Im the most favored wrestler", "the most loved champion", wow you're so humble. The funny thing is you're not either of those. You think people love it when you come out here and claim to be the best, when you're obviously not? Cause I don't. I've already reached your level and surpassed it, easily. You have a long way to go before you're on MY level. I beat the Evolution Champion my first week in, and it took you like a year to get that title. Still you say you're better than me. Ha."

LEGION "I've said all along that this company, as well as the rest of the wrestling world is survival of the fittest. However, that means that I will always survive because look at me, I'm definitely the fittest. You couldn't defend yourself last week and you quickly became the rabbit that you saw before. I was the coyote that ate you for dinner, snatched you up and ended you career. Well, I started to, and in this match I finish the job. The end is coming Phoenix, but for your title reign. What you have failed to see is that you've already lost. Listen to your music, burn some forests, it doesn't really matter because at the end of the day, I'll still ccome out on top. The only thing that will be going up in flames come Sunday, is your vision of yourself. You've won a few matches, and suddenly you think you're the best thing since sliced bread. This is where you get beaten, and your world comes crashing down as you realize you just don't have any skill. Chant yout little spells or whatever you and your freak of a wife do, and I'll continue kicking your ass, it's what I do. I'll be around here a long time Phoenix, kicking your ass the whole time if I have to, while wearing that title. It will be mine, and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

LEGION "Frankly blue jay, I'm tired of you. I'm tired of you walking around here thinking you're better than everyone else, and I'm tired of you making up lies to make yourself look better. It only makes you look even more stupid than you did before. I'll be more than happy to accept your challenge of a last man standing match. Besides, you were pretty much down for a ten count last match anyway. I'll see ya Sunday, bitch."