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Zarek Rps : I Don't Need Luck To Beat You. [p.1] // mnh i 2-18-08
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From: MSN Nicknameŧħė•ŝmóĸïŋġ•ġű?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 1/11/2009 7:35 PM

zarek.gif picture by cuntagious_

xxxx. I  DONT  NEED  L U C K  TO  BEAT  YOU.

Zarek was in the mood for something fun, because for the past few weeks, he had done absolutly nothing. Jake was beyond boring, and the whole GoB thing was just making him even more bored. It wasn't that hard to realize who was the best in this situation. I mean, look at the New Gen's credentials compared to the Gods of BUD's credentials. JB was impressive, but overall, the GoB didn't look so hot.

The New Gen had already proven their superiority over the veterans, there was no doubt about it. The past two weeks, Zarek had thwarted any plans that Jake Frost had on taking over the company. Which was, of course, the plan all along. Zarek would never let someone like Jake Frost take over BUD, and cast out all of the new generation. That would just never happen, but Jake still didn't see it, despite his losing streak to Zarek...he still didn't see it.

First it was a singles bout, where all Zarek wanted to do was teach Frost a lesson. The lesson being not to mess with the New Gen. Of course, he didn't take the hint and came back for more. This time, with teammates of his own, Zarek taught the same lesson, but Jake came back for more yet again. What will it take to keep the lesson in his head? How many times must he lose to Zarek, in order for him to get the point? Jake will realize, soon enough, that this is not a lesson that you can easily forget.

So we have a singles match, a six person tag team match, and now a regular tag team match. As if that wasn't enough already, now Jake wanted a match at Ultimate War. Zarek would have past, if it wasn't for one thing being put on the line, the ECW World title. Jake was almost handing it over on a plate. It wasn't the actual title that meant anything, but what the title stood for. Jake prides himself on that thing, it's his heart and soul. Zarek has tried time and time again to teach Jake a lesson but he just keeps on coming back. So, what better way to get the lesson through to Jake, then ripping out his heart and soul?

Teaming with Scott Addams again wasn't exactly Zarek's idea of a good time, but if he had to, then he would do it. Especially if it meant sticking it to the Gods of BUD again. Crushing them never got old, especially since with each blow to their ego, it somehow got bigger. Did anyone tell them that they were losing this little battle?

A voice came from inside the room. "I see your raise, and I raise right back..."

Someone else shot back. "Ahh, you're not a very smart man, but I thank you for your money."

The cameraman enters the rooom from where the voices had been coming from, just in time to see Zarek responding. "Oh yeah, well we're just going to have to see about that."

He was at a poker table with about three other guys, none that anyone could recognize. The room was almost empty, except for the group of men in the center. Three walls, and a glass one on the other. From the look of it, it was still dark outside. Obviously this wasn't a live feed. Alll guys had some sort of ciggerette or alcoholic beverage in their hands.

Zarek looked at his hand intriguingly, before taking the ciggerette out of his mouth "You know Mike, I almost feel sorry for you. You're not making the big bucks right now, and I'm going to have to take all of this money from you."

Michael Challenger. Last Deathcore Wrestling Television Champion, and competer to the HPW World Heavyweight Champion with Zarek. The other two men were Tyler Jacobs and Kavern Winters, both from Zarek's Deathcore Wrestling days.

Kavern pitched in, "Okay Mr. Money Maker, you suck at this game anyway, so you're only here so you can lose."

"Speaking of losing," Tyler added, "What about your upcoming tag match. You really have to team with that dipshit, Scott Addmas again? Damn, what a tard. Someone needs to give that boy a reality check."

A hearty laugh, "Believe me, if he wasn't constantly apart of my team, I would do so in a heart beat. Unfortunantly though, he is apart of the New Gen, and we have to play nice until this shindig is over. I admit he does need to quit with that mouth though, because it is going to get him into trouble. Like this whole leader thing. I remember correctly that during his debut match, when I got the pin, he took all the credit, so I just love how he takes credit just for getting a pin. I love the hypocracy of it all. It's all good though. Gives me something to laugh about while taking out the trash. The truth of the matter is, we were in the ring before him, and he got the pin on the weakest member of the GoB. Not to mention the fact that Jade and myself had to take out the other members before he could even think about getting a pin on Akasha. Of course, he leaves out that though. Did we expect anything else though? Nope. Not from Scott Addams. He proves time and itme again that he's still a rookie dipshit with a big mouth. I like how he's starting to call himself a God now, as well. It's okay though, isn't mockery the highest form of flattery. Akasha, Justin Black, Jake Frost, and now Scott Addams all calling themselves Gods. I don't mind it, I really don't, because all it shows is that they all want to be like me, and they all want to be as good as me. Especially Scott Addams. Does this boy want to be like me, or what? Main eventing in matches within his rookie year of BUD, skipping the Franchise division all together and going straight for the BUDvision. Sounds a lot like me. Of course, I accomplished my goal within three months flat, while Scott is past his first month and still trying to get his hands on it. Well, you know what they say, nothing is better than the original. It'll take some time for Scott to come around, but he'll eventually come to respect his superiors. I'd like to see him get his ass beat down by Valek, then come back the next day saying he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yeah, I'd pay to see that."

Michael threw in a couple more chips. It was apprently just down to him and Zarek at this point "Yeah, Scott's a douche, but I'm sure you'll have some fun with that vampire chick. She looks like a ton of fun if you know what I mean..."

"Maybe if you you're on a mission to get syphillis." Kavern laughed.

The rest of the table, besides Michael, broke out into laughter, as Tyler added. "She doesn't seem to think that highly of you, Zarek."

Zarek still had a smile on his face. Although Akasha didn't have anything good to say about him, he still found her comments increcibly hiliarious. "Oh yeah, I heard Akasha's little statement, as well. Scott Addams and his gay lover. You've got to be kidding me. If anything, it would be Zarek Lyle and his gay lover. I have about a year superiority over Scott. Despite his in-ring ability, Scott really doesn't have anything on me. Just like her and her little rat pack, Scott can't touch me. Despite how incompetant Scott is, he's still better than anyone on that team. Sure, he might have much more of an ego than me, and he might not be able to back it up as well as I can, but he still has one up on her. Maybe the impact of that curb stomp made her forget the beating her and her team took this past week. Then she has the nerve to say that the lack of talent comes from them being paired with us each week. Ha. If that was the case then why are we sticking it to her teammates each and every week? It's like Hank claiming Seifer that their match wasn't good because Seifer sucks. Unrealistic? Exactly. It's funny really. I get a crack out of watching all of their promos. 'Kasha's especially, because at this point she just doesn't know what to say. She was barely seen last week before the match, and now she's just talking out of her ass. It's kind of pathetic, really. I don't need to look at any of their tapes to know that they just aren't going to cut it this week. Jake couldn't cut it the first week, their entire team couldn't cut it this week, so why they think they'll be able to pull it out this week is beyond me. I mean, I respect their heart and all. Never give up, never say die. But how long can they keep coming at us, and keep getting their ass kicked? Akasha talks as if she's bored with us, but why does she keep coming back then? What is she going to do, the second she gets a fluke, she's going to run away? Do us all a favor Akasha, and just simply, give up."

"You should just give up, because there is no way that you're going to win this hand." Michael interrupted, banging his hand on the table, "Are you going to call me or what?"

It took Zarek all but two seconds to think it over. "Nah, I think I'll raise...make you work for it."

Michael sighed as he looked at his cards again. "If you want to keep giving me more money, fine by me." 

Straying back to the topic of his opponents. "Seriously though, if this is what the veterans have to give, then maybe I don't want to be considered a veteran. I've been in BUD for almost a year, but seeing what those two have become, I'm becoming fearful of the years to come. I've had an amazing first year, and my second year is off to a great start. Infact, I'm undefeated in my second week so far, go figure. But look at those two. They may have been great once, but now, they're nothing compared to the New Gen. They can blame the crash of the company on us all they want, but we've already been over what really happened. They can claim that they made us, all they want, but we all know the truth. They really had nothing to do with what we are today. Then we have Jake claiming that he's the reason our match headlined last week. Let's get something straighr, he wasn't main eventing before, so why would the match be the main event because of him and his lousy team. I've main evented several shows and Pay-Per-Views, Jade has been main eventing with her BUDvision title on the line, and Scott...well, Scott kind of tags along with Jade and myself. All the same, do you see where this is going? If they would have been facing any other team. Let's say the GoB were going up against Leaky Format, Hank, and Taio, then that match would have been a total flop. A card opener at best. So why was our tag team match the main event of last week? I don't think I need to answer that. Honestly, I feel like I'm doing them a favor. I mean, look at their team compared to mine. It's like we're taking time out of our schedule to help the little people of the company. So don't ever accuse me of not helping the company out. I know they pride themselves on facing us in the ring. So, when it comes down to it, we're the reason as to why they're STILL here. They would still be running around with people like Hank if it wasn't for me."

It was Kavern's screams at Mike that interrupted this time. "Mike. Why are you taking so long? Some of us have work in the morning. Call, raise, or fold, it's that easy."

Mike shot an angered glance his way. "I've got a lot in the pot right now, jackass. Unlike some people who fold right off the back!"

"Shuddup!" Kavern shot back.

"I think your situation is funny, Z. No matter how many times you put down this little GoB thing, they won't take a hint. I find that totally hiliarious." Tyler seemed to be the only one actually interested in what Zarek was saying at this point.

Zarek himself wasn't really playing the game anymore. He knew what he had in his hand, he just had to wait for Challenger to give or call. His mind was elsewhere. "So, have I not kicked Jake Frost's ass enough? Have I not shown him that the New Gen defeats the veterans beyond belief? Obviously not, or he wouldn't still be running his mouth like no tomorrow. He even had the balls to challenge me to a match at Ultimate War. Well, I'm not doing anything, so I guess I could go take him to the ring for the fourth time at Ultimate War. He even wants to put his ECW World title on the line against me in some ECW Rules match. Okay, fine by me. He prides himself on being the last reigning ECW World champion. He parades around with that thing like he's the greatest, so I have no problem taking that damn title from him, and I'll have no problem taking him on at Ultimate War. Someone go find me his number." Tyler scurries off to go call someone who might have Jake's number.
"They think to highly of themselves, really. Saying they have it in the bag, this will be easy, they'll never be able to beat our team. Wow, they really that over confident, even with the fact that we pretty much destroyed them. It really makes no sense. It's like having to go up against Leaky Format all over again...except now there are two of them. I swear, it gets tiring."

"Alright, alright, I think I'm going to raise again." Mike added, prolonging the hand.

Kavern laid his head on the table, "Oh my god! Will this ever end?!"

"Will Zarek's ranting ever end?"
Mike interjected, as him and Kavern burst out laughing.

But apparently, Zarek wasn't listening much. "I do have to admit one thing, and that's that through everything, Jake Frost has proved that he's not just another washed up veteran. I'm going to say this, and I'll probably only say this once. Frost was the only one the other night that actually impressed me. I could see that he wanted more than anything to win, and he was showing that he'd go all out just to do it. But, when it comes down to it, the veterans, as an overall team just don't impress me much. They're nothing special. They were supposed to be this grand, well-oiled machine that can power through everything with sheer teamwork. What does it say for them if a team of bickering egomaniacs get the best of their 'well-oiled machine'? This is the opinion of someone that was in the ring that night. It was like the only one who really wanted it was Frost. I felt no intencity or desire from either Justin Black or Akasha. Justin Black was supposed to be the ones defending his titles as well, so what's up with that? Either he wasn't even trying to keep those titles around his waist, or he planned on his teammates saving his ass. Maybe it's because he knew someone else would be the one being pinned? Seems to me that Justin Black doesn't have much faith in his team. As for Akasha, she barely showed that her head was even in the match. Her mind was off elsewhere, like her and Jake sharing their STDs after the match. I don't know what was going on that night. Maybe that's her way of preparing, I really don't know, but whatever it was, it cost her team the match. So this week, when Akasha and Jake go up against Scott and myself, I just don't see them winning. Not even because of Akasha, but because of Jake as well. I was impressed by his drive, yeah, but drive doesn't always win you the match, and it won't in this one."

Michael was getting impatient now. "Call or raise, Zarek, call or raise!? If you pull out now, I kill you."

Zarek, pretty much over the Hold 'Em game by now, responds. "Fine, call, whatever."

Michael tosses his chips in, three of a kind jacks, pretty nice. Fucker had pocket jacks. At that moment Tyler came back into the room, "Hey Z, I got that number you were asking for."

Zarek dialed the number real quick. Voicemail. "Hey, listen up kid. I accept your ECW rules challenge at Ultimate War, and I'll have no problem with taking that ECW World title from you. But here's the thing, since you're putting up a valuable item of your past, I want to do the same. So I'll be putting up the Deathcore Pit Champiponship, as well. Winner take all. See you soon, Frosty."

Mike's yells could be heard from here to China,
"Flip your cards Zarek!"

Flipping his cards, "Straight flush, bitch."