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From: MSN Nicknameвlаск•lавзl•ваиdіτ?/nobr>  in response to Message 1Sent: 1/25/2009 2:48 AM
//. BRAVE NEW WORLD: Chapter One

OOC: This is my thread for 2009 Wayz 2 Die, that I was finally able to re-write and post. Believe me, it wasn't easy, but I still liked the outcome. Very much actually. It's a bit on the creative side, but it has A LOT to do with Zarek and Roxy's situation within the Domain. Infact, that's what it's all about. From the tabloids the two have been posting about, to the various superstars who have expressed their dislike for Roxy. The only creative part refers to the fact that it's loosely based off novels like Brave New World (in which it is named after) and 1984. If you've never read these before, then you might want to brush up on them. In short, they're both about societies in which the government has taken total control in one way or another. There are no emotions allowed, no freedom whatsoever. In this roleplay it also explains why Zarek targeted Roxy in the first place. I think it's a well written piece and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it...twice lmao.

The man in the suit held no emotions, he wasn't allowed to. As he walked through the park, he simply looked straight foward, his steps evenly spaced, his black dress shoes making close to no noise against the sidewalk. He barely blinked, but his eyes didn't seem tired. He wasn't allowed to be tired. Justin Black hadn't lived his whole life under Domain rule. Once upon a time, he had lived a different life, a free life. Most didn't have that luxery, of remembering what it was like before the Domain. However, Justin still remembered. He wasn't allowed to remember, but he did anyways. He once lived in a world free of control, the Domain had changed that. It's for this reason alone, that he found himself in this particular park, at this particular time, on this particular morning, with full intentions of meeting the man who would almost single handedly destroy them.

It wasn't what the Domain had once been that people despised, but what it had become. When the director came back in to head the Domain once again, a cold hearted woman by the name of Roxy, everything turned to stone. Roxy was a woman who loved control, it meant power in her mind. Her method of bettering the Domain was to exhaust every form of control nessecary upon the people. This, of course, included free will. There were a set of regulations that the subjects were allowed to do, and they were to live by those rules. You weren't allowed to think for youself, because the government feared the subjects would think of rebellion. You weren't allowed to speak your mind, for the government figured the subjects would speak of overthrowing them. You were only allowed to think what they told you to think, and that was it. Emotions were unheard of, and you were to get attached to no one. There were no relationships, and human beings were created inside incubators. The government douced the embryos in such things like alcohol, in order to keep the subjects partially dumb, obediant, without objection.

On top of that, she also distrubuted weekly shots, shots which took away any form of free thinking. It was almost as if the subjects were kept in a perminant high, without the side effects of the drugs in question. They couldn't think straight, except for one task, whichever task Roxy had chosen for that specific person. It wasn't up to you to choose your destiny within the Domain, it was up to Roxy. Whatever job she chose for you, is what you would do everyday, all day, without another thought. While you sat there, performing your task, thinking only of finishing, Roxy sat high in her office, a smile on her face, loving the empire she had created. An empire that SHE controlled.

"You're late." Justin said, to what appeared to be absolute nothingness. He looked out into the field before him, starring. He had developed his own will some time ago, and had taught himself to act as if he hadn't. With time, he had become a pro at fooling all around him. Even now, as he talked to the sky, nobody would suspect he was plotting against the government that had deprived him of so much.

"I got caught up with something, this isn't exactly the easiest place for me to meet you." Came a voice behind him. He had appeared from nowhere, and a regular person, without anything in mind but their own specific task, wouldn't even realize he was there. He blended into his suroundings, but Justin had seen him, and the man had counted on it.

"It's the only place I'm allowed to go. Anywhere else and they would have known I was up to something." Justin anounced yet again, into the sky. His eyes were still straightforward, and he had no intention of looking behind him. He couldn't. It meant the difference between being caught, or continue fooling them, which meant the difference between life and death. He had managed to stay alive, out of the sight of the all seeing eye for this long, and he didn't plan on getting caught anytime soon.

That goes without saying, Justin Black would easily die if it meant taking down Roxy in the process. It's why he always found himself putting his life on the line. It had been an endless journey to find the man that stood behind him. Now that they were finally meeting, it took every ounce of self-control to keep himself at bay.

"Fair enough. You're risking your life just speaking with me right now." Came the voice again, stern, hard, understanding. The voice of reason amongst the ones like Justin who had managed to secretly overcome Roxy's method of control.

"So..." He leaned forward, shifting his eyesight to something else upon the horizon, "is it true then? Am I really speaking to Zarek Lyle?"

It was a name that spread amongst the Domain like wildfire. People knew it well. Some feared it, like the ones that remained under Roxy's control, and other's loved it, like the ones who managed to escape. Zarek Lyle was the leader of the revolution, the first person with balls enough to break away from the regime. Once upon a time Zarek had worked for Roxy in the very building she remained in now. He had worked directly under her, until one day he skipped his shots. He carried on, pretending, like others, not to feel anything. It wasn't long before he left the governmental body all together, much to Roxy's horror. Zarek took with him a horde of secrets that only management knew, secrets that would bring down Roxy from the inside. He knew the place, he knew the government, he knew the way they ran the Domain. He knew everything. An enemy with the same knowledge as yourself makes for one formiddable opponent. His face had plastered the streets for many months now, as public enemy number one. Dead or alive, Roxy wanted him found. Even she knew he held the power to overthrow the evil Domain government. Instead, her warrant posters did the exact opposite, and gave people a face for hope. Those that hid in secret, sought him out, to join the revolution. Wether Roxy liked it or not, she had taken a man under her wing, and almost raised him up to be her mortal enemy. Although she had experience on him, he had the motivation beind him. The motivation to break free of Roxy's reign of terror, to rid the world of her control, to re-install freedom, free will, to allow people the decision of their own destiny. Yes, Roxy had been at the game a lot longer, but Zarek was fighting against Roxy for more than just himself, he was fighting for the whole Domain, for the subjects she ruled over with an iron fist, for the ones she surpressed. He was fighting to save the world.

"You say that like I'm some sort of savior or something." Zarek laughed, modestly. Deep down, he knew he was the only person the people believed in these days, the only person Roxy feared, no mattter how many times she denied it.

Justin could feel his modesty on his neck like a cold breeze. He didn't want to play to it anymore than Zarek did, especially since JB still had his doubts. "Well, atleast that's what everybody refers to you these days. The man that started a revolution against the wicked witch of the west."

"You should know, I didn't start this because I was looking for a fight. I started it because in order to take back what is rightfully ours, we NEED a fight. We NEED a revolution. Our four fathers gave us three unalienable rights. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Rights that are ours without any form of a doubt, they can't be taken. She's taken control of our lives, she's taken any shred of liberty, and she's made the pursuit of happiness inconcievable, unless it's in the pursuit of her own happiness. Roxy isn't the leader we needed to transform the Domain back into the glory days. Sure, in times of desperate needs in ancient Greece or Rome, one sole leader would be given control of the country. The problem with the system, is that the leader always became a tyrant, and controlled the country in such a form that it overshined any good they might have done in the past. That's why the leader was always removed within a few months. We're the body of people who have to remove Roxy. She won't go with words, so we'll have to push her out with force."

He spoke with such pride, such passion, that you couldn't help but shed a tear. If there was one thing Zarek cared about, it was the people. Because of times Roxy had brought on, Zarek was forced to become hard, to match Roxy. But he still had passion, he still cared, and the people were number one on his list. The subjects always came first, the opposite of Roxy's priorities.

If he was allowed to, JB would have cracked a smile, and on the inside, he did. Yes, this was definitely the man known as Zarek Lyle. "I believe you've just gained my trust Mr. Lyle."

"Well your trust is almost imperative to the plan. You're the only one on the inside now. Though I've been there, I don't know what positions have been swaped, who I need to target, that sort of thing. I need you to be my eyes on the inside." A man suddenly passed by, no bothering to look at the bodiless voice coming from just beyond the scenes behind the bench. JB didn't bother to look at him, he knew it would only give him away.

Justin paused, wondering if he should let slip the information that he was currently with holding. He sighed, "Tyler Russel" he mumbled, almost inaudible. It was a name only known by those who worked inside. If they heard him anounce his name outside the walls, an alarm would be set off.

"Tyler Russel's working for Roxy now?" Zarek questioned.

"He used to be for your cause, more against what Roxy has been doing. I think she found out he had stopped taking his shots though, and they shot him full. Now he works directly under her." He glanced at his watch, his given break time was almost up.

Zarek paused, thinking of what to make of this new information. "Tyler Russel, got it."

"If you break Russel, you'll get to Roxy. You get to Roxy, you can end this whole thing." He got to his feet at the exact same time he did everyday. It was imparative for his survival.

From his spot within the trees, he could see a piece of paper fall to the ground. Justin had come prepared, that's for sure. Possibly there was an address on it, an office number, something that would lead Zarek to Russel, was all that was for sure. How Black had managed to find time to write such forbidden information was unknown, but not important. Zarek knew that one Justin had walked away, he would need to grab the crumbled piece of paper. However, Justin had one last question in mind before he was ready to let Zarek leave. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Zarek Lyle was a hard man to find, and if Roxy was able to find and take him out, this would surely be the last time Justin would speak to him. He would never be able to look him in the eyes and thank him for everything he did, and will do in the future.

He slide his hands into his pocket, "There is one thing I have to ask you though, Mr. Lyle". His voice was a whisper.

"For the info you've given me, I think I owe you atleast that much."

It took him a second to think of how to put his words into thoughts. He had spent so long surpressing his words, and thoughts, that sometimes it took him awhile to collect them. "Well..." He began, one specific question in mind. "I thank you if you succeed in this duty. Not many would dare do what you've been doing. I guess why? all I want to know."

Justin could hear Zarek breathing behind him. Zarek himself, had been under control for a lengthy amount and didn't know how to explain it. It was something in his soul, something within his very being that forced him to stand up for those who couldn't stand up for themselves. He settled for a metaphor, but within that metaphor, he felt he said it all.

"I keep having this dream where all these little kids are playing some game in this big field of rye.  Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around - nobody big, I mean - except me.  And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff.  What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them.  That's all I do all day.  I'd just be the catcher in the rye..."

Justin nodded and continued on his way. That nod, and the second longer he spent standing there would cost him more than just an earfull. The next time the two would meet, Justin Black would once again be the surpressed, mindless, thoughtless, emotionless drone that Roxy aspired all her subjects to be.


For months, the revolution had been put on hold as the rebels were held in place by imaginary lines. They had run out of options, in truth. There appeared to be no eyes on the inside, and without knowing who the next target was, going inside the Domain headquarters was near suicide. Roxy and her goons would kill you, or worse, re-inject you with the serum, on the spot. The rebells had resorted to releasing propaganda onto rebel newspapers and distributing them out into the public. However, she had found out the reasoning behind these random stories that had popped up in the media. Wether it be because she actually had a brain, or because one of the rbels had been caught, she found out Zarek was behind the propaganda. In return, she shot off tabloids of her own aimed at Zarek. Soon it became nothing but a war of words, and the war was going nowhere. The rebels were forced back into the holes in which they hid from Roxy's goons, and their spirits were dampered for a short while. That is, until Justin Black gace them new hope with his sacrifice, a sacrifice that will not go unnoticed once Roxy and her bitches have been thrown out. Black risked his life to get the rebels one simple name, yes, but a name that would change the tide in this war. Wether Roxy had gotten it out of Black or not, the rebels now had a target, and they were on the move.

Tyler Russel had once been on his way to becoming the leader of the rebels. He was out for the little people, like GWE, and knew that Roxy was only out for herself, when she should have been regarding the people. It could very well have been Tyler in Zarek's place at this very moment, discussing secret plots of how to dethrown Roxy. There was one crucial flaw within his plan though, he was caught. He was caught in the midst of a major plan to overthrow the queen bytch. She doesn't take the queen, considering she looks at herself as the smartest in the land, the most talented. Once she stumbled upon his scheme, she nipped it in the bud, and shot him full of the drug. That was that, and now Tyle was nothing more than Roxy's right hand man, and all though he didn't know it at the moment, he hated it.

"So we all know the plan tonight right? In short, kill Russel."

It was a simple plan, but one that would put the management into a spin. Roxy needed someone like Russel to lean on, someone to put the blame on when she screwed up, and someone who could think of the bright ideas that she couldn't. At the moment, Russel was the number one enemy of the rebels, simply because they couldn't get to Roxy just yet. Zarek did feel a bit bad about having to kill Russel. If Russel hadn't been caught, it might have been Zarek getting shot in the temple. Although there was some regret, Zarek was willing to do anything to save the people from Roxy's tyranny. If that meant shooting a lead bullet through Tyler, then so be it.

"I'll be going with you, Z, as back up." Piped up another voice in the dark, but one that everybody knew.

Phoenix Winterborn wouldn't be the Zarek's backup man if he could have helped it. He wasn't the most skillful, he didn't posses the most ability, but he did have speed, and he did have heart. That was all he needed right now. You had to have speed in order not to get caught, and you needed heart to preservere after killing a humanbeing. Phoenix would be accompanying him on this mission.

"Awesome, so you know what the gameplan is right, Fi-Fi?" Zarek joked to lighten the mode, immediatly before cocking his gun.

"Get in, shoot the guy, get out." He shrugged back.

There was definitely no arguing with that logic, no doubt. It was really that simple. They didn't need to torture him, nor did they want too. They needed to sweep Roxy's feet from under her, and they were going to do just that.

"Pretty much." Zarek responded, as Phoenix cocked his gun as well. The pair carried small silver pistols. Small, yes, but powerful. They'd need to get into the hotel Russel was staying in, and then they'd have to pull the trigger. The two stashed the guns away.

They walked into the lobby, both of their eyes had gone blank, as if they didn't really know where they were going. It was how everybody looked. All they knew was they had to go to their room. It's all Roxy wanted anybody to know. So it's what Phoenix and Zarek had to do. They walked by anybody who happened to be standing in the lobby, working, talking about how 'great Roxy is' and all of that. They continued walking, and slipped into the nearby elevator. Once inside, they didn't let their guard down yet. These two were a pro. Phoenix was a rowdy young firecracker anyway, so no sweat came from his forehead, though it took everything in him to retain his composure. Zarek on the other hand, hand almost been bred to do this. He had worked as Roxy's number one assassin, and this is what he lived for. He didn't go for his gun just yet, just incase someone decided they needed to take the elevator.

Zarek pushed the soft button on the top in, and waited. They both watched the lights flash and dance across the numbers, going higher and higher. With a ding, they both pulled their guns out, suddenly the killers we know and love were back. The doors oepend almost silently, as the duo gazed around. There was music playing, but no sign of Russel was near. The two walked out into the main hall, being sure to push the stop on the elevator button, so nobody else could come to the top floor in which they were in.

With a motion of his hand, Zarek instrusted Phoenix to go around one way, and he would go another, until one of them found Tyler.


Zarek was the first to find Russel, walking around the corner of a hallway, a glass plate in his hand that now lay across the floor in pieces. Zarek instantly raised the silver pistol to his forehead, his forefinger pressed to the cold trigger. With a simple flick of his finger, this man would be dead, and they would be one step closer to their goal of getting Roxy out of the Domain. His eyes met Tyler's and he starred into them, simply looking. He always looked into their eyes just before he shot. Only cowards looked away.

By now Phoenix had rounded the corner, his gun pointed at the ground, knowing that Zarek had it under control. He was anxious though, and confused. Zarek had yet to pull the trigger, which was strange.

In staring into Russel's eyes, Zarek saw something he had hoped to see. He almost pulled, and he would have, if he had not seen it. Zarek was not known for compassion with these subjects under Roxy's control. He always felt regret, and even empathy from time to time, but he was usually forced to simply pull the trigger. Waiting a second longer would result in Roxy and her goons being notified of their plans, and their mission would have to be aborted. As Tyler starred back at him, expecting to be dead in just a few short seconds, Zarek saw emotion - he saw fear.

Although his heart had grown cold over time, somewhere in between absolute freedom and total emotional control, Zarek Ezekial Lyle had developed a conscience, and killing a good man was no longer on his to-do list. He lowered the pistol.

"We have to go." was all he could muster, and he followed.