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Illinois Kinfolk 
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     Active Chatters from: AL, CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, LA, MN, TN, VA, WA,
Janie ~ "Sis" Maggie ~ Carol ~ Deann (deetle35) ~ Ruth (gramaru) ~ David (Bakleg) ~ P.J. ~ Audra (ClearGolf) ~ Bonnie (bstick) ~ Newheart ~ Margaret ~ Jim (Rohw) ~ Shannon (smk72) ~ Tiffiny ~
A "Happy and Safe Thanksgiving" to all !
For Story of the Pilgrams and Indians
first day of thanks,
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Janie ~ "Sis" Maggie ~ Carol ~ Deann (deetle35) ~ Ruth (gramaru) ~ David (Bakleg) ~ P.J. ~ Audra (ClearGolf) ~ Bonnie (bstick) ~ Newheart ~ Margaret ~ Jim (Rohw) ~ Shannon (smk72) ~ Tiffiny ~

October 29, 2001 ~ IKK 1st Birthday Chat Party!
            GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!

Hi everyone!
     Had a wonderful time at the, "IKK Birthday Chat" last night. Started at about 7:00 PM and of course, chatty as the two of us are, Janie and I (Carol)
wrapped it up about 4+ hours later.
     We just got started when
Ruth (gramaru) joined us. She is something else, I’ll but there is never a dull moment at her house. What a gal!

     David (Backleg)
came in around 7:30ish I think. With his wit and charm, he kept us company right up to the end. Wish he would share some of his stories here on IKK. Being gals, we have our special type stories, but David shared a snippet of his life and family and had us all, leaning forward in our computer chairs.
DeAnn (deetle35), sweet young thing, (I believe I have underwear older the her), joined the party and I think kept up with Ruth and her humor better than us ol' folk did. (Sorry Janie, I know you are a lot younger than me, but I need the company and that’s what friends are for, right?).
     Of course this was all before "Sis" joined in. When, dear, dear, sweet, "Sis" Maggie
joined with her wit, (Janie forgot her leash), she was almost out of control. I got wore out just reading those one liners, so I took a deep breath, (and a restroom break) and laughed my fanny off, (if only I could, lol!). Then, seems like us REAL OLD-TIMERS, David and I pretty much sat back while the four gals went at it for awhile, laugh after laugh. Guess ya?hadta?be there!!! It was great!
     Some time after 10:00 PM
P.J. joined us. Not that she didn’t try much earlier. She had MSN Chat room connection problems as I understand.

We did learn
she has a couple of sibs with interesting names.
     We all, mostly just talked about nothing, and everything, from soup to nuts. Reminded me of the "old" days, back when the telephone company had party line service. For those of you too young to remember, it was just like last nights chat room, only on the phone. Several neighbors could be on at the same time. Ah yes, "the good old days" - I remember those party lines! Anyway, I do believe, a very good time was had by all. And the group size was just about right for me. The older I get, the harder it is to keep up with those younguns.
Once again: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY IKK! The cyber-child of two sweet sisters who care about family, friends, and helping others preserve the cherished memories of their ancestors. In case you haven’t been there the "Poetry Page" has a tribute to IKK and those sisters. Since I wrote it in July, 2001 IKK has grown from 103 members to 229. What a nice family this is!                                            

November 07, 2001 ~ IKK - 8 Chatters share!

Hello IKK'ers!
and Carol started the chattering this evening at 7:30 PM. A little before 8:00PM, Audra (ClearGolf) joined us. We talked about Bass fishing, and where all of us were from.
     Bonnie (bstick) was next on the scene. Janie made her apologies for the short notice, but even with that, we had a
good turnout of eight members from,  AL, CA, CO, IL, IN, IA, TN, WA.
     Around 8:30 PM, Newheart and Margaret joined in. Newheart told us he had passed out books of ancestor genealogy to family members and to the Catlin Historical society, and also mentioned how he happened to pick that name. Several surnames being researched were mentioned, and offers to help with genealogy lookups were made. Best way to post messages on the message boards was discussed, and Deann is working on starting an "Album of Unidentified Illinois Pioneers".
     Then the conversation turned to the art of delving into our ancestors "family secrets", like wives disappearing, someone’s great uncle fighting in the Indian War and going AWOL after getting, "shot in the rear"!  lol!
     On a more serious note, Janie informed our chatters of the loss of P.J.’s son this week. We spoke a short time about family losses, then turned to a lighter side.
     Sometime after 10:00 PM,
Deann (deetle35) joined us. Some thought was given to come up with a catchy name for the "Mystery Photos" Album, and there was mention of a web site:
We also talked about how MSN has recently cut most of us from 30MB to only 3MB of storage shared between ALL MSN Communities we belong to now.
     With our storage being reduced, we started sharing our ideas on how to resize pictures in jpg format so that they use up as little storage space as possible, and still produce decent pictures. Bonnie said for her web site she scans, resizes in adobe, and tries to keep pics to 25K or under.
David (Backleg) just came onto IM, but the gang had dwindled, so by 10:45 PM Janie closed down the chat room and she and David invited me into their IM messaging. We three chatted there for a short time, then David and I hashed out the installation of a slide show viewer for a show I had sent him. All in all, short notification of chat room get together, eight people from eight different states joined together this evening. There was a good time to be had!!!