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Illinois Kinfolk 
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Meet Our Members

Some of our IKK members have submitted photos of themselves for inclusion on this page.  Many thanks to Carol for putting the page together and my apologies for not being able to continue adding photos since I don't have the program Carol used to create it.  Some of these members are no longer with us, one being IKK Co-Manager DeAnn (row 1, photo #3).  We lost DeAnn on June 2, 2005 after her 3-year fight with cancer.



States Represented: 22
  1-AL, 2-CA, 1-AR, 2-CO, 5-FL, 2-IA, 1-KS, 1-KY, 8-IL, 4-IN, 1-MI, 2-MO, 1-MS,
                          1-NM, 1-NJ, 1-NC, 1-OH, 1-OK, 2-TN, 1-TX, 1-WA, 1-WI,
                                                         States not YET represented: 28
   -AK, -AZ, -CT, -DE, -GA, -HI, -ID, -LA, -ME, -MD, -MA, -MN, -MT, -NE, -NV, -NH, -NY, -ND,
                                   -OR, -PA, -RI, -SC, -SD, -UT, -VT, -VA, -WV, -WY

                           Members Represented: 41
             (If photo has more than one person, each family counts as one)

  Row 1:
    Photo 01:  Susan, soon to be new member of IKK, CA ~ and her father
                    "Backleg" David, (old IKK member, pardon the pun) WA ~
    Photo 02:  Gordon, MS

    Photo 03:  Deann, IL, ~  Kuzzin to David, CO ~
Photo 04:  Carol, FL
                     Margaret, CO
                    "Sis" Maggie, IN
                    "Sis" Janie, IN
                     Fay, TN (Group photo was taken during, "IKK Nashville TN Meeting", July 14, 2001)
  Row 2:
    Photo 05:  Brenda MI ~ Kuzzin to PJ and Daisy, FL ~
Photo 06:  Audra, AL
    Photo 07:  Susan, IL
    Photo 08:  Shannon, IL
    Photo 09:  PattiMc, AR
    Photo 10:  "Sis" Daisy, FL ~ Kuzzin to Jackie, OK ~
                     "Sis" P.J., FL, ~ Kuzzin to Jackie, OK ~
  Row 3:

    Photo 11: Melody, IL

    Photo 12: SheilaB, MO
    Photo 13: MaryH, IN ~ Aunt to Carrie, TX ~
Photo 14: MaryF, IA
    Photo 15: Newheart AKA: Willie. CA
    Photo 16: Carrie, TX ~ Niece to MaryH, IN ~
    Photo 17: David, CO ~ Kuzzin to Deann, IL ~
    Photo 18: Jackie, OK ~ Kuzzin to "Sis" Daisy, FL  ~
                                      ~ Kuzzin to "Sis" P.J., FL ~

  Row 4:
    Photo 19: BarbS, IL
    Photo 20: SonnyM, KY
    Photo 21: Sheri, IN ("Sis" Maggie's daughter)
    Photo 22: Raylene, MO
    Photo 23: DonnaC, KS
    Photo 24a / 24b: Joe & DawnS, IL ~ Kuzzin to Don, FL ~
     Photo 25a / 25b: Virginia & DonB, FL 
 ~ Kuzzin to Joe, hubby of DawnS, IL ~

  Row 5:
Photo 26: Annalee, IL
    Photo 27: KathyB, CA
    Photo 28: Coty, IL
    Photo 29: JoyceB, NJ
    Photo 30: DianeJ, WI
    Photo 31: MaryK (with Granddaughter), NC
    Photo 32: JimP, NM
    Photo 33: Jenny, FL

  Row 6:
Photo 27: LauraB, TN
    Photo 28: Jill, OH
    Photo 29: JeanieV, IA

Update - July 16, 2002 4:52 PM (Atlantic Time)