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Illinois Kinfolk 
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The Hobby Lobby

Welcome to the HOBBY LOBBY!  This page is for posting our members' hobbies and favorite past-times.  Tell us what you enjoy most in your spare (?) time - besides genealogy, that is!   A collection of some sort, pets, travel, family, grandkids, etc.  The list could go on and on!  Submit photos and stories of your favorite ways to unwind.  E-mail them to me and I'll see that they get posted here.  Be sure to identify your submissions for the Hobby Lobby page in the subject line of your e-mail message.


IKK member Backleg (David), a retired graphics artist, has kicked off this page with a drawing he did exclusively for the IKK. Thanks, David, for your gracious contribution to our Hobby Lobby page - I feel honored! 

"Rosie's Miniature Cabin"

Here's a picture of the first box house I ever made.  I sculpted everything in it out of "salt dough".  I made all the furniture out of balsa wood.  I even crotched the rug, and made the quilt.  The only thing I didn't make were the rocks for the  I got them out of my driveway.

Submitted by RosieAz
(Roseann R.)


 Rosie's General Store
Here's a picture of the last box house I made.  I sculptured everything out of clay.... the store keeper, stove, all items on the shelves, etc.  I made shelves and counter from balsa wood.  The sacks of flour I made from cloth.  Everything is 1'' to scale.
Submitted by RosieAz
(Roseann R.)


Jim Poore's windmill that he made several years ago.
Made of redwood the windmill stands about 10' tall, the blades, tip to tip, about 8', revolves in the slightest breeze.  Jim says his windmill draws a lot of attention on his front lawn.   What a hobby, Jim!



Two more of Jim's favorite past-times are his Hammond B-3 organ and his amateur radio station. 


New IKK Member Pam (popcoe) does
  This was her first attempt at
painting a bird, done for her
bird-watcher cousin.
Pam plans to enter her work in
an art show this summer.
Beautiful work, Pam!




              Diaper Cake 
I made this diaper cake for my
daughter for her baby shower.
It was a lot of fun to make for my
new grandbaby to be.
It is full of all the accessories
that a new baby coming home   
would need.  Including: 2 pkgs.
newborn diapers, soap, powder,
clippers, washrags, brush,
comb, bottle, bottle brush,
rattle, pacifier w/clip , hat,
recieving blanket,  spoons &
of  course  Rubber Duckies.

submitted by: DeAnn

 IKK Member, Prudy sent these three
pictures of her talents, painting. The Eagle on the left was her 1st Wildlife China painting that she made for her son. (What a nice keepsake)
The Candy Dish with pink dogwood blossoms was fired six times, and she says that it took her some time to find an artist to teach her some tricks. The White Crane is on a black sweatshirt that she has had for some time,
and has not faded a bit.  
Great Work, Prudy !!!