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Illinois Kinfolk 
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Helpful Hints


~Please post your family SURNAMES to the MEMBER PROFILE LIST and to the new SURNAMES BULLETIN BOARD.  (NOTE*  This board is for listing your surnames only).  This will allow other members to view your surnames and compare them to theirs.  You could make a connection with a relative who may have information on your lines.  Reply to messages that interest you on the GENERAL MESSAGE BOARD.
~How to get names you are researching on the SURNAME PAGES:
Have you checked out our "SURNAME" pages yet?  Until recently, it was difficult to try and make a family connection, or help others by searching through all the messages, so we came up with the idea of listing only SURNAMES on one page.  What helps to make it work is, we ask each member to add their information to the "Member Profile List".   Include the SURNAMES you are researching (preferred in alphabetical order, especially if there are several of them). Then post those same SURNAMES on the Surnames Board with no other information.  This way other members will see what connections you are trying to make, and the managers of IKK can add those names to the master pages without sifting through the whole message.  Of course, continue to post your other messages as usual on the General Board.  We are still trying to refine our way of inputting the SURNAMES so that we don’t miss anyone.

~The brand new CEMETERIES BULLETIN BOARD was designed to collect names and locations of cemeteries in Illinois that are of interest to our members.  Please use it to post yours.  Instructions are are on the first message on the board.  We will attempt to design a special page just for this so that they are more organized and easily accessible when a few more are collected. 
~Be sure your E-MAIL address is posted so that members can contact you if they have  information to share.  We encourage you to post to and use the Member Profile List.  No need to be bashful - we're all "Kinfolk" here!

~If you have a homepage, you can post a link to it on the above pages. 

~Our private CHAT ROOM is open to ALL members ANY TIME.  Members are welcome to e-mail others or post a message on the General Board and invite them in at any time.  We try to have an open chat the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm (CST).

~To e-mail any of the other members, go to the MEMBER PROFILE LIST and click on the members' addresses that you want to contact one at a time.  You can also e-mail only the managers using the same method - just click on E-mail the Managers.  Our addresses are also listed on the Welcome page for your convenience.  Just click on one of them.

~Please feel free to create your own Photo Album and post your family photos for others to enjoy (please keep it clean!).   Be sure to name your album different from existing albums.  JPEG format works well for uploading your pictures and uses a lot less space than .bmp format.  To upload your photos after creating and naming your album, click on your album, then click on ADD PHOTO.  This will bring up access to your computer drive where your photos are stored.  I prefer to save mine on floppies to save space on my hard drive.  Find and select them, then click on Upload Now.  Your computer and the internet will do the rest.

~Don't forget to visit the "Our Neighborhood " page for special messages from your managers.  This page was designed for all members to use for special announcements and "all the news that is the news", sort of like our own little gossip fence.  If you have a special message you want posted, just send the information to one of us and we'll see that it gets posted for you.

~Be sure to visit our newest pages - Memories, Poetry, This 'n That, Recipes, Obits, Bios, Kritters Korner, and the Hobby Lobby.  We invite you to submit items for them.  The pages are set up so that only managers can edit them, therefore you must submit your items to one of us via e-mail and we will post them for you.  We welcome your offerings!

~One of the new features of our site is the music found on some of the pages. We've chosen  beautiful instrumentals in midi format and hope you will enjoy them as you browse the site.  Click on the icons at the tops of the pages to bring up your midi player.

~We hope these hints will help you to enjoy the time you spend here.  Please visit often and if we can be of any further help to you, please e-mail us or post to the Message Board.

                                              Janie, Maggie, & DeAnn - Managers                                                                                                                                                    


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