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Illinois Kinfolk 
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Memories & Family Stories

Welcome to our Memories & Family Stories page.   If you have something you'd like to see here, please e-mail it to me and I'll see that it gets posted.  Be sure to let us know it's for this page.  How about one of Grandpa's favorite sayings?  Or one of his famous war stories?  Maybe you had a special teacher or neighbor that you'd like to write about.  The possibilities are endless so let's fill this page with lots of memories, family stories, folklore - anything you feel other members would enjoy.  There are lots of interesting old family stories out there - why not share them with us?  Or take a stroll down memory lane - the time you spent with your grandparents or your favorite aunt and uncle, or the trouble you got into with the cousin that you always wanted to spend your summers with.  Remember this one?  "School's out, school's out, Teacher let the bulls out!"  Then we set out for a long summer vacation - at least it seemed longer back then!  Tell us about some of your favorite childhood memories - we'd love to hear them!  Please be sure your typing is correct as we will copy and paste the items from your e-mail.  We may edit for clarity, but will not change the spelling of names.

This is one of my favorite childhood memories:  Every summer, Daddy would spend a week getting the old 1954 Ford ready (nobody ever worked on his car but him) for a trip from Southern Indiana to west-central Illinois to see all the Childers clan.  The trip took no less than 7 hours as opposed to 4 1/2 hours today (no interstate back then!) and that was without car trouble.  I don't think we ever made it without something going wrong with ol' Nellie Belle - anything from a flat tire to running out of gas in the middle of the night!   And Mom always packed food for a little picnic at one of the roadside tables that once were a staple along Highways 66 and 104.  No rest areas - we had to find a bush or a tree somewhere!  And we went whether we had to or not before piling back in the car and resuming the trip.  But we always got there and got to see our Grandma Katie and Aunt Rene and Uncle Dick and the other aunts and uncles and cousins.  Aunt Rene acted as Town Crier, so to speak.  She got the word out that we were on our way so they could all meet at her house for a big family get-together with tons of good home-cooked food and lots of chit-chat.  I always wanted to stay forever - a lot like today when Maggie and I get to go back for a brief visit.  Ah, the good ol' days!  Memories are forever...    

Memorial to My Dad's Family

He was born in the rural area of Corning, Arkansas.  The first male child of the family but little did he know that death would take his mother before he turned 3 years old. James W Rosson,Jr born April 9,1924 to James W Rosson and Minerva "Callie" Hughes.  His other siblings were two older sisters, Lorene born in 1913 and Marion born in 1918.  In February of 1927 pneumonia took their mother, there father would remarry two years later.  Callie Hughes Rosson was a school teacher in the Ripley county, Mo school district for the Rosson School.  She was the teacher for James' brother and signed his 8th grade graduation certificate which, in those days was like graduating from High School now.  There was a big ceremony and everyone tried to come to the event.  It was held in the town of Doniphan. 
Minerva "Callie" Hughes was born somewhere near Hamilton County, Illinois. 1883 Before her parents moved to Missouri.
Her mother was Sarah Adeline Johnson Hughes who married Francis Marion Hughes.  All from the surrounding areas in Illinois, southern part. 
Although I never got the privilege of meeting this grandmother, my Dad's stepmother was indeed a wonderful woman.  Her name was Lora Depoyster Rosson.  She was almost 20 years younger than my grandfather but indeed she was a good wife and mother to the family that was motherless when she married into it.  She gave birth to 3 children, Norman, John and Barbara Evelyn.  Two of whom are still living. Although my grandfather loved Lora, there remained a picture of Callie for years in his house.  Then ofcourse there were house fires that destroyed all their belongings and most of us thought the only pictures that remained of days gone by were gone.  We have found several other pictures of Callie...............Wish I had known you.
Submitted by Sheila Rosson Berube