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Illinois Kinfolk 
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Kozojed Family
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Posted by trf802 on 2/9/2005, 28KB
Anton saying goodby to his wife Josephine (Pich) Kozojed at the Bechyne Cemetery in ND.
Anton Kozojed
Anton Kozojed scan0001.jpg
Posted by trf802 on 2/9/2005, 35KB
Anton is the son of Anton & Josephine Kozojed
Anton John Kozojed
Anton John Kozojed.jpg
Posted by trf802 on 2/9/2005, 52KB
Anton, Anthony, Thomas and Anton Sr, in 1959
Anton Sr, Anton Jr, Anthony & Thomas Kozojed
Tony, Anthony, Tom, Anton Kozojed (2).jpg
Posted by trf802 on 2/9/2005, 54KB
Anthony Jr, Anthony Sr, and Anton John Kozojed
Posted by trf802 on 6/29/2008, 2KB
The First Anton John to live in the United States.
Anton John Kozojed
Anton John Kozojed Sr.jpg