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Quantock School old Boyz and 
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Greetings Old-Quantockian! The Quantock School on-line community (QSoc) is all about reliving old memories, finding long lost chums and making new ones.

This site is about having fun and living up the old days as well as a way to stay in touch. You can place pictures in the photo albums, leave messages / slag each other off as desired. Please take a little time to decide what category to place your messages in, as it is impossible to reorganize them. Also, keep it a little decent (pics anyway)!

Finally, this is a private pupil only community and so your username and password are not to be shared.

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  2009 Reunion 

Friday 5 June - Sunday 7 June 2009

 Details | Messages | Attendees [see/add

If you've not done so already, then I highly recommend that you do the following to get the best out of this site:

 Member's - "To do list" 

 1 Add yourself to the A to Z list: [add/see]

 2 Add yourself to the appropriate 'Class of '* list: 

  60's   [add/see]
  70's   [add/see]
  80's   [add/see]
  90s+ [add/see]

  3   Edit member profile (help). 

  4  Add a recent photo of yourself? [add/see]

   Keep details up to date

  See Member Zone for more details!!

Any problems contact Mike ( |Mob: 07732972246)                 

*  ' Class of ' = The year that your class did O-levels/GCSE's (i.e. 5th Form/Year 11 when you were about 16 years of age)

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QS Building Floor Plans
Brill Mike, great fun, well done
MSN NicknameLaurieBooth   02-15-09
MSN group closing Feb 2009
Dear all It is sad news that the Quantock School old Boyz and Girls (AKA the Quan...
Mike (Blakey)   02-15-09
QS Building Floor Plans
I though this was fun, see the google maps insert into:   http://www.geoc...
Mike (Blakey)   02-15-09
MSN group closing Feb 2009
 As far as backing this site up, I'm going to try Yuku (better fun graphics) and Multip...
Mike (Blakey)   02-15-09
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Mr Paul Hampson (2nd from right)
MSN NicknameQSocpictures3 09-29-08
Mr Paul Hampson
MSN NicknameQSocpictures3 09-29-08
The Great Escape - Matron
MSN NicknameQSocpictures3 09-15-08
Great escape - Warwick (high res)
MSN NicknameQSocpictures3 09-15-08
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