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SKCW Archives V2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Genocide : Genocide 02/10/09
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 Message 2 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname×Eric_Bischoff×  in response to Message 1Sent: 2/11/2009 2:17 AM

David: Welcome back to Genocide

Kristin: Well it seems that there are some minor issues with Torrie and Edge

Frost: Well you can't blame Edge for being jealous of Torrie and Sean especially if Edge hasn't gotten to "spear" Torrie yet if you get my drift

David: Eww we get it but thats just eww

Kristin: Yeah but all seems to be well there and Jodhi got out of her VIP Intiation for tonight anyway but Erin did not look happy about it

David: Not in the least

"Industructable" hits as the Crowd Boo's

Frost: What the...

:Jerome Morris walks out to the top of the ramp with an angry look on his face as he walks to the ring:

Katie: Please welcome, The "Rome", Jerome Morris

Kristin: Jerome Morris is here on Genocide!

David: Why though is Jerome here tonight

Frost: I got no clue but he's here none the less

:Jerome enters the ring as he gets a microphone:

Jerome Morris: Last night was one of the worst and most embarassing nights of my life. Last night I was screwed out of my World Heavyweight Title by an oversized slightly improved but still not that great version of SRT in CK Syndrome and a man whose screwing my ex-wife in Blake Mason. Then to top it all off. I find out just how big of a skank my wife truly was when apparantly I wasn't the father of my own kids but either my best friend Charlie Haas or if you believe Jason Win then its Dylan Monroe.

:Jerome stops talking for a moment:

David: Well I think we know what Jerome  is here for

Kristin: Yeah Dylan but Dylan isn't here

:Jerome raises his microphone back up:

Jerome Morris: I'm so sick and tired of VIP Crap that I just had to come here to settle it once and for all. It wasn't all that long ago that Erin Roberts and Seth Ryan played a big old joke on Jerome with Johnny that ruined my marriage in the first place. Now it seems that Dylan Monroe has ruined my life again. Well Dylan and Seth. Tonight you will pay for your sins against The Rome. I've come to your house to destroy you once and for all so get your asses out here RIGHT NOW!

:Jerome waits as nobody comes out:

David: Dylan or Seth aren't here tonight

Kristin: Well go tell Jerome that

Frost: I don't think thats a good idea

:Jerome paces around:

Jerome Morris: I MEAN IT

:The Motor City Machine Guns walk out to the ring as Chris goes to enter the ring first when Jerome kicks him as he comes in and Jerome then hits a Cocky Cutter on him as he then nails Alex Crist and takes Crist and rams him shoulder first into the ring post before hitting a Cocky Cutter on him as Jerome then picks up both members of the Guns and throws them to the floor and grabs the microphone back up:

Jerome Morris: I didn't come here to fight jackasses like the Guns so Dylan and Seth quit hiding

David: Well the Guns tried to I guess reason with Jerome but Jerome never gave them a chance

:Jerome nods his head at nobody coming out and exits the ring as Jerome shoves the time keeper out of the way and grabs a steel chair as Jerome takes it and proceeds to hit Chris Alan in the back with it and then hits Alex Crist with it in the head:

Frost: Jerome has snapped here

:Jerome looks to the entry way but nobody comes out as Jerome then lifts up the padding as he grabs Chris Alan and drags him towards it as Jerome sets him up for The Rome and delivers it on Chris Alan whose not moving as Chris then grabs Alex Crist who tries to fight back but Jerome knees him in the side of the head as Jerome then delivers a Cocky Cutter right into the concrete as neither man is moving as Jerome rolls into the ring:

David: We need help out here right now for the Guns

:Jerome lifts up his microphone:

Jerome Morris: I'm not leaving unt..

:The Crowd Cheers when Kenny Justice runs down the ramp as Justice gets on the apron and goes up top and comes off hitting a crossbody taking down Jerome as Kenny then opens up on Jerome with a few right hands and then looks for Busted Out but Jerome elbows his way out of it and Jerome then kicks Kenny south of the border when several security guards hit the ring and pull Jerome and Kenny apart:

Frost: Kenny Justice came out here but why

David: Kenny clearly saw to much and couldn't take it no more

:Security pulls Jerome Morris out of the ring and up the ramp as Kenny grabs the microphone:

Kenny Justice: Dylan and Seth aren't you moron but if you want a fight..At No Way Out you got one because I'm in War Games with Blake, CK, and Cyrus!

:Jerome cracks a slight smirk as Kenny drops the microphone:

David: So Kenny Justice is going to be the fourth man in War Games on the OverDrive! Side clearly due to what happened here tonight

Kristin: And that match just got a little more appealing to Genocide Fans

:Backstage: Private Suite

:Erin Roberts is shown entering along with Oktober Roberts:

Erin Roberts: Well now isn't this interesting

Oktober Roberts: I told you Stacy wouldn't show up

Erin Roberts: Well then sis I guess it means that..

:Stacy Mason then enters the room:

Stacy Mason: I'm here

Erin Roberts: I'm shocked you showed up

Stacy Mason: Do you really think I'm going to give up my title to you just like that and give up my career

:Erin smirks:

Erin Roberts: Well yeah but since your here lets get on with it

Stacy Mason: Wait a minute. Whose going to Judge

Erin Roberts: Well I was thinking that Jason and Tyson could

:Stacy shakes her head and laughs slightly:

Stacy Mason: No no no. You promised..

Erin Roberts: Fine I tell you what. You can pick some judges

Stacy Mason: Anyone?

Erin Roberts: Sure anyone who doesn't have a match tonight and Stacy be quick about it

Stacy Mason: Don't you worry. I'll be back here soon enough

:Stacy leaves as Erin and Oktober both laugh:

Oktober Roberts: Theres nobody she can pick

Erin Roberts: Not a single male

Commercial Ad for SKCW No Way Out-Long Ad

Kristin: Welcome back to Genocide

Frost: Well up next we are going to send things backstage

David: Yeah so lets go backstage to Jackie McAllister and OverDrive!'s April Sanders who will run down the completed No Way Out Card


:April Sanders and Jackie McAllister are shown:

Jackie McAllister: Thanks David and at this time we are going to run down the completed No Way Out Card

April Sanders: I'm April Sanders for those who are unsure, SKCW's #1 Interviewer

Jackie McAllister: Anyway, in a match to determine a new SKCW Women's Xtreme Champion, Fake Steph, Kelly Justice, Melanie Thomas, Scarlett Davis, Temptra, and Torrie Wilson will compete in a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

April Sanders: A New SKCW Naughty Divas Champion will be crowned when Abigal Morris, Angel, Carmen Moreno, Inverna Sinclair, Jasmyne Brooks, Jillian, Phoenix Sinclair, & Sophia Phillips compete for the title with a stipulation to be announced soon

Jackie McAllister: In a Xtreme Rules Match, Flame will compete against Trish Monroe

April Sanders: Tom Armetta will do battle with Tim Wilkins in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Jackie McAllister: Tai Cooper will defend the SKCW Women's Impact Championship against Kalyna Valenski with a stipulation to be decided by Tai herself

April Sanders: In War Games, Captain Jerome Morris will lead his Empire into battle as he will be joined by SKCW Impact Champion Chris Kleen, Jason Morris, and Chris Kaos to compete against CK Syndrome, Blake Mason, Cyrus Zackariah, and SKCW Xtreme Champion Kenny Justice

Jackie McAllister: In another War Games Match, SKCW North American Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions Edge will lead Rated RKO into battle as he will be joined by his fellow Tag Team Champion Randy Orton plus Blake Johnson and Brock Johnson as they do battle with the team of Brandon Davis, AJ Styles, Matt Stevenson, and the 2009 Genocide Royal Rumble Winner, Ryan Cage

April Sanders: In a Last Man Standing Match, Sean Walker will face former best friend and the 2009 OverDrive! Royal Rumble Winner Charlie Haas and if Sean Walker is victorious then Sean will earn himself a World Heavyweight Title Match at Wrestlemania VII

Jackie McAllister: SKCW Women's Champion Zoe Mason will team with her sister SKCW Women's North American Champion Stacy Mason as the duo will co-defend against Oktober and Erin Roberts and as an added bonus to the match just made by Seth Ryan, The 2009 Divas Royal Rumble Winner Rose Thorn will serve as the Special Referee

April Sanders: SKCW Women's World Champion Alyssa Amidala will battle SKCW Divas Champion Raine in a Champion vs Champion Unification Match

Jackie McAllister: In the Co-Main Event, SKCW Champion Jason Win will defend against Dylan Monroe and if Jason wins then VIP-LA must reform with VIP-Miami

April Sanders: And finally, SKCW World Heavyweight Champion Maven will battle SKCW International Champion Chris Walker in a Champion vs Champion Unification Match

Jackie McAllister: So there you have it. The Final No Way Out Card

:Another Area Backstage: Private Suite

:Erin Roberts is shown with Oktober Roberts as Stacy Mason re-enters with a smile on her face:

Erin Roberts: What are you so happy about

Stacy Mason: Didn't you hear

Erin Roberts: Hear what?

Stacy Mason: Rose Thorn is the Special Referee for our match at No Way Out

Oktober Roberts: WHAT!

:Erin starts to laugh:

Erin Roberts: No she's not

Stacy Mason: Yes she is. Seth made it official

:Erin looks at Oktober:

Erin Roberts: Go find out

Oktober Roberts: But what about..

Erin Roberts: I can handle this

:Oktober nods and leaves:

Erin Roberts: So you find anyone

Stacy Mason: Yeah

Erin Roberts: Good because our first competetion is who looks better in there Underwear so I hope you wore something nice.

Stacy Mason: Whose judging?

Erin Roberts: Well bring yours in

:Stacy opens up the door as The Hurricane wooshes in:

Stacy Mason: I got The Hurricane

:Erin rolls her eyes as Jason Win and Tyson Tomko walk into the picture:

Stacy Mason: Wait a minute thats not fair

Erin Roberts: We have to have three or else..

:The door opens up when Matt Hardy enters the room:

Erin Roberts: What the..

Jason Win: Dude your not on Genocide and besides your..

Matt Hardy: I'm a judge so one of you need to hit the bricks

:Jason looks at Tyson who leaves the room:

Erin Roberts: Nobody invited you here

Stacy Mason: Um..

Matt Hardy: I'm Matt Hardy V Oneahhh I don't need an invitation and besides my home movies with Kelli are best sellers

:Matt takes a seat at the table set up as Jason Win takes the other end seat putting The Hurricane in the middle:

Erin Roberts: Fine lets..

Matt Hardy: Um where's the list of events taking place

Erin Roberts: Well..

Matt Hardy: You have a list right

Erin Roberts: Yes

:Erin rolls her eyes as she goes into a bag and hands it to Matt Hardy who looks at and smiles:

Matt Hardy: Very nice. Don't worry ladies I'll be impartial because lets face it. Neither of you can compare to Kelli so lets see them undies

The Hurricane: Underwear?

:The Hurricane covers his eyes with his cape as Jason Win smacks himself in the forhead as Matt tells Hurricane to take his cape down:

Matt Hardy: Trust me Hurricane your going to love this

:The Hurricane stands up before either diva takes anything off as he wooshes out of the room as Erin throws her arms up:

Erin Roberts: Get Tyson back in...

Matt Hardy: Fear not ladies. I had a feeling we may have a judge problem so I invited a friend

Erin Roberts: No Kelli is not...

:Kurt Angle enters:

Kurt Angle: WOOO Your Olympic Hero Has Arrived

:Kurt goes to the table and sits down: