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SKCW Archives V2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Genocide : Genocide 02/10/09
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 Message 3 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname×Eric_Bischoff×  in response to Message 1Sent: 2/11/2009 2:18 AM

Stacy Mason: Shall we begin?

Erin Roberts: Fine

:Stacy steps foward first in front of the judges and removes her shirt revealing a red bra as she slides off her skirt to reveal red panties as she stands there in front of them before doing a little spin and standing back with her clothes in her hands as Kurt and Matt nod there heads and Jason just smirks as Erin steps forward and removes her top to reveal a black bra and then begins to slide off her skirt and lets it hit the ground as she bends over to pick it up showing the judges a great angle of her thong covered backside as she steps back:

Jason Win: Well I defintly vote for Erin

Kurt Angle: I don't know..I liked Stacy. She had more class so I'm going to go with Stacy

Matt Hardy: Well I enjoyed both but I guess I'm going to have to give the edge to...

:Matt rubs his chin:

Matt Hardy: Erin

:Erin smiles:

Erin Roberts: Thanks guys I see no further..

Stacy Mason: Wait a mintue. There was going to be three events you said

Erin Roberts: Yeah but..

Matt Hardy: No she's right. Fair is fair Erin

Erin Roberts: Fine the next event will be who looks better in a Wet T-Shirt

:Matt and Jason both smile:

Kurt Angle: Couldn't we just have a Pie Eating Contest or something

Erin Roberts: No Kurt but we will be back so Stacy I suggest you change into something good because god knows your going to need it

Commercial Ad for SKCW No Way Out-Long Ad

David: Welcome back to Genocide

Kristin: Well up next we are going to have another big singles match and another preview for No Way Out's War Games Match

Katie: The Following Contest is scheduled for one fall

"Swagga Like Us" hits as the Crowd Boo's as Brock Johnson makes his way to the ring

Katie: 1st, Representing Rated RKO, From Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 274 Pounds, Brock Johnson

Frost: Well here comes Brock Johnson whose been very impressive in his short SKCW Career

Kristin: Yeah but tonight he got a huge challenge ahead of him

Katie: And his opponent

"Enjoy The Silence" hits as the Crowd Cheers as Brandon Davis makes his way to the ring

Katie: From Knoxville, Tennessee weighing in at 255 Pounds, Brandon Davis

David: And here comes Brandon Davis

Kristin: Well so far we saw Ryan Cage beat Blake Johnson and Randy Orton knock off Matt Stevenson so lets see who gets the upper hand here with this match

Brandon Davis vs Brock Johnson
Referee Travis Firda sounds the bell to begin the match as Brock Johnson immediatly attacks Brandon as Brock pounds away at the back of Brandon but Brandon shoves Brock back and opens up on him with several right hands as Brandon then nails down Brock with a big clothesline as Brock gets up but Brandon nails a few more rights to Brock when Brock kicks Brandon in the gut as Brock then hits a Big Boot taking down Davis as Brock then hits a Jumping Knee Drop to the head of Davis as Brock then follows that up wtih a Standing Dropkick as Brock then hits Thee Best on Brandon as Brock covers for a 1---2--kick out. Brock then nails a few shots to Davis as Brock then lifts up Davis and slams him down as Brock then delivers another Jumping Knee Drop to the head of Davis as Brock then looks for My Addiction but Brandon instead shoves Brock into the corner as Brandon then hits a Splash to complete the Redneck Squash as Brock staggers out of the corner right into an big Atomic Elbow from Davis sending Brock down as Brandon then hits a Axe Elbow Drop to Brock as Brandon then kicks Brock in the gut and sets him up for a Piledriver and delivers it on Brock. Brandon then lifts up Brock again and Brandon sends him off the ropes as Brandon goes for a big boot but Brock grabs the ropes to avoid it as Brock then charges at Davis and takes him down with a crossbody as Brock then hits a Pele Kick to Davis sending Davis knees first to the mat and then down. Brock then grabs Brandon up but Brandon delivers a big spinebuster instead on Brock. Brandon then grabs the legs of Brock and looks for a Sharpshooter but Brock fights it and grabs the bottom ropes as Travis tells Brandon to let go as Brandon does so as Brock gets up when Brandon nails him from behind as Brock elbows Davis in the head as Brock then grabs Brandon and looks for My Passion but Brandon counters and sends Brock off the ropes again as Brandon nails a Big Boot on Brock as Brandon hits the ropes and goes for a Leg Drop but Brock moves out of the way as Brandon hits the mat hard as Brock then hits My Addiction on Davis. Brock rolls him over and covers for a 1---2---2.9-Brandon powers out of the pin sending Brock off as Brandon gets up and begins to "Hulk Up" as Brock nails Brandon several times until Brandon stops and points at Brock as Brock goes for a right hand but Brandon blocks it and opens up on Brock with several big right hands as Brandon then sends Brock off the ropes as Brandon nails The Rush on Brock as Brandon then hits the ropes and nails a big Leg Drop on Brock as Brandon isn't done and pulls up Brock and then hits Lights Out on Brock as Brandon covers then hooking the leg for the 1---2---3.
Winner: Brandon Davis

"Enjoy The Silence" hits as Brandon Davis celebrates the win

Katie: Your winner, Brandon Davis

David: And Brandon Davis continues to roll since his return

Kristin: Well Rated RKO may regret the day they started this war with Brandon

Frost: Brandon got lucky if you ask me and will get his in War Games

:Backstage: Private Suite

:Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, & Jason Win are shown returning to there seats as Erin Roberts re-enters in a robe as Stacy Mason comes in from another direction:

Matt Hardy: Well ladies I hope your ready

Kurt Angle: Erin I think its only fair if you go first this time

:Erin nods as she removes her robe to reveal a blue bikini bottom and a White T-Shirt on as Jason Win stands up with a Super Soaker and pumps it up several times:

Matt Hardy: I'm sure its not the first time Jason pumped it up and shot his load on her chest

:Stacy starts to laugh as Erin glares at Matt as Jason shoots the water over Erin's shirt as a blue bikini top becomes visible instantly:

Jason Win: Very nice

Kurt Angle: Alright Stacy

Stacy Mason: Kurt would you mind doing the honors

:Kurt takes the Super Soaker and pumps it up as Stacy drops the robe to reveal a red pair of stars and stripes bikini bottoms as Kurt begins to spray Stacy as Matt Hardy starts to smile as Kurt does as well as Jason Win even sits up in his chair:

Matt Hardy: Now thats what I'm talking

:Erin quickly takes a look as she looks upset:

Erin Roberts: Thats cheating! You were supposed to have a top underneath

Stacy Mason: Ooops you never told me that

:Erin shakes her head in anger as Stacy picks up her robe and covers up with it:

Jason Win: Well I vote for Erin

Matt Hardy: Stacy all the way

Kurt Angle: Hmmm well I guess I'm going to have to go with..

Erin Roberts: Kurt remember your Three I's

Kurt Angle: I do and thats why I'm going to vote for...Stacy Mason

:Erin's mouth drops as Stacy starts to laugh at Erin:

Erin Roberts: This isn't over yet. We still got one final event

Stacy Mason: And I'm ready for whatever you got

:Oktober opens the door and motions for Erin:

Erin Roberts: I'll be back in a bit for that final event

:Erin leaves with Oktober as Stacy exits the room as well as Jason Win quickly leaves:

Commercial Ad for SKCW No Way Out-Long Ad

David: Welcome back to Genocide

Kristin: Well word has it that Erin Roberts won the first event which was a Underwear competetion but Stacy Mason won the Wet T-Shirt Event

Frost: Yeah Jason Win, Matt Hardy, and Kurt Angle are judging according to reports but why are Matt and Kurt here

David: Well at least there being fair about things

Frost: We need to get a camera back there for this stuff

Katie: The Following Contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Non-Title Match

"Pocketful of Sunshine" hits as the Crowd Cheers as Kelly Justice makes her way to the ring

Katie: 1st making her way to the ring, From Las Vegas, Nevada, Kelly Justice

David: And here comes Kelly Justice whose ready for a huge opportunity

Kristin: Well Kelly with a win could catipult herself into a Women's Title Shot but it won't be easy

Katie: And her opponent

"Crazy Bitch" hits as the Crowd Cheers Louder as Zoe Mason makes her way to the ring wearing the SKCW Women's Title

Katie: From Los Angelos, California, She is the SKCW Women's Champion, Zoe Mason

David: And here comes the champ now

Kristin: Well Zoe has to feel a bit better about the fact that Rose Thorn is the Special Referee at No Way Out

Frost: But Rose if she would want to could cost Zoe the title and face one of the Roberts sisters instead

David: Rose would never ever do that

Zoe Mason vs Kelly Justice
The referee, Samantha Spears, explains the rules to both Kelly Justice and Zoe Mason. The two women nod and then look at one another. Samantha Spears calls for the bell. Zoe Mason and Kelly Justice circle one another before colliding with a collar and elbow tie up. The two women push and pull at one another. Kelly Justice manages to dip behind Zoe, twisting her arm with it. Kelly pulls on the arm and with her free arm she locks her arm around Zoe's neck and goes into a headlock. She pulls on Zoe's neck but Mason manages to push Kelly off and into the ropes, Kelly bounces back and is taken over with a hip toss. Zoe holds onto the arm and pulls it slightly, She spins around locking her leg onto it and falls down slamming the arm down between the ring canvas and leg.  Zoe pulls on the arm with an arm lock. Zoe back rolls out leaving Kelly un touched and quickly gets up, Kelly gets up too holding her arm as Zoe runs towards her, but Kelly knocks Zoe down with a shoulder block. Zoe gets up and runs at Kelly again and goes for a arm drag but Kelly's arm hurts from Zoe's previous attack allowing Zoe to use the weak spot to take Kelly down with an STO. Zoe covers Kelly 1... 2... Kelly kicks out. Zoe gets up and picks up Kelly by pulling on her hair. She sets up Kelly for a suplex and raises her up into the air, she holds her there for a second and then falls backwards landing the suplex. She picks up Kelly and hooks her up for a double armed DDT but Kelly manages to use some force and pushes Zoe into the turnbuckle. She grabs Zoe's tights and rolls her up 1... 2... Zoe kicks out and both women get up, Zoe lunges for Kelly but Kelly dodges Zoe's grasp and jumps up nailing a Heart Break to Zoe. Kelly Climbs the turnbuckle as Zoe rolls over holding her back, Kelly launches off with a moonsault onto Zoe and hooks her leg 1... 2... Zoe kicks out. Kelly picks up Zoe but Zoe pulls on Kelly's arm that she attacked earlier in the match causing Kelly to yelp in pain. Zoe catches Kelly off guard with a Dream Lite! She covers Kelly 1... 2... 3!
Winner: Zoe Mason

"Crazy Bitch" hits as Zoe gets up and take back her title and holds it up in the air

Katie: Your winner, Zoe Mason

David: And Zoe gets yet another win

Kristin: Well Kelly gave a great fight but our Women's Champion keeps on winning

Frost: For now

:Backstage: Private Suite

:Matt Hardy and Kurt Angle are sitting at the table:

Kurt Angle: I still can't believe she's pregnant

Matt Hardy: Well I know Julez is your sister and all that but Hunter really is happy. I just can't believe there getting married again. Hope it works out better this time

Kurt Angle: They just don't seem like the white house with the white picket fence type

:Jason Win returns and sits down:

Matt Hardy: Hey theres the Matt Hardy Knock Off

Jason Win: I'm not a Knock Off of you Matt

Matt Hardy: Sure you are

Jason Win: No in fact tell your old hag of a wife to quit calling me

Matt Hardy: Funny tell your girlfriend quit texting me naked pictures of herself. I may love sex but with my wife not with sluts who will..

:Stacy Mason re-enters wearing a Robe:

Stacy Mason: So where's Erin. She back out?

:Erin Roberts re-enters also wearing a Robe:

Erin Roberts: No but despite the fact that Rose is refereeing our match. You and your skank sister are going down

Stacy Mason: The only skank I see in here is you

Erin Roberts: Lets just get this over with so you can go home embarassed

Kurt Angle: So what is this final event anyway

:Jason starts smiling:

Jason Win: A Strip Show

:Kurt spits out water he was sipping:

Matt Hardy: Well lets this show show on the road then ladies

:Another Area Backstage: AJ Styles Locker Room

:AJ Styles is shown doing some last minute jumping jacks as Rose Thorn is shown watching:

Rose Thorn: Baby you got the title in hand

AJ Styles: Oh I know I do

Rose Thorn: Go kick AJ's ass and if Torrie tries to help Edge out then I'll be out there in a heart beat

:AJ smiles as he and Rose kiss:

Final Commercial Ad for SKCW No Way Out-Long Ad

:Backstage: Outside Private Suite

:Several dozen security guards are shown rushing into the room:


David: Welcome back to Genocide and we have gotten word that something happened during the final Stacy/Erin event

Kristin: Yeah we are having a hard time getting word on what happened but we are going to try to find out and if nothing else maybe you can learn on SKCW.Com if we don't find out by the time we go off the air

Frost: Well we have to move on and its Main Event Time now