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SKCW Archives V2Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Genocide : Genocide 02/10/09
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 Message 4 of 4 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname×Eric_Bischoff×  in response to Message 1Sent: 2/11/2009 2:18 AM

Katie: The Main Event of SKCW Genocide is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SKCW North American Championship

"Through The Iris" hits as the Crowd Cheers as AJ Styles makes his way out through gold pyro as Styles extends his arms out before walking to the ring

Katie: 1st making his way to the ring, The Challenger, From Gainsville, Georgia weighing in at 215 Pounds, The "Phenominal" AJ Styles

David: Here comes AJ Styles whose trying to win the North American Title for the third time

Kristin: And considering the fact both men are in War Games this match is huge seeing as Brandon Davis and Ryan Cage have both won so it could be a huge advantage if Styles is victorious here tonight

Katie: And his opponent

"Metalingus" hits as the Crowd Boo's as Edge makes his way out wearing the SKCW North American Championship and has the SKCW Tag Team Title over his shoulder

Katie: Representing Rated RKO, From Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 250 Pounds, He is one half of the SKCW Tag Team Champions as well as the SKCW North American Champion, He is the "Rated R Superstar" Edge

Frost: And here is Edge who has yet to be pinned in singles competetion since returning to SKCW

Kristin: Well Edge has been great but theres a first time for everything

SKCW North American Championship: Edge(C) vs AJ Styles
The bell sounds as Edge and AJ are circling the ring and there about to lock up when AJ ducks under and wraps his arms around Edge. Edge gets in a few elbow shots and AJ lets go and Edge turns and hits a clothesline onto AJ knocking AJ down. AJ gets up and Edge nails AJ with a couple of right hands that drives AJ into the ropes and Edge Irish whips AJ off the ropes and Edge tries a clothesline and AJ ducks and Edge turns around and AJ kicks Edge in the gut and then hits a DDT. AJ picks up Edge and whips him in the corner AJ storms in and Edge moves out of the way and Edge drives his knee into AJ gut a couple of times and then Edge slaps AJ chest and Edge takes AJ out of the corner and hits a snap suplex. Edge locks in a head lock and AJ battles to his feet but Edge picks up AJ and hits a backdrop. Edge gets up and smacks AJ around and then picks up AJ but AJ shoves Edge back and AJ nails a dropkick. Both men get up and AJ hits a German Suplex. AJ picks up Edge and nails Edge with a left and AJ follows up with Discus clothesline and AJ pins Edge 1??.4. Edge powers out of it. Edge gets up and pokes AJ in the eyes then follow up with a Russian Leg Sweep. Edge picks up AJ and bodyslams him and then drops a elbow. Edge picks up AJ and whips him in the corner and AJ and AJ leaps to the 2nd turnbuckle and tries a crossbody but Edge ducks and AJ crashes hard. Edge gets up and kicks AJ in the gut a couple of times. Edge picks up AJ and Irish whips and Edge hits a full-tilt backbreaker. Edge covers AJ 1??.26 AJ kicks out. Edge picks up AJ and whips him into the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam. Edge gets up and goes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle and nails a missile dropkick. Edge covers AJ 1??.8. Edge picks up AJ but AJ nails Edge with a right hand and AJ bounces off the ropes but Edge knocks AJ back down with a clothesline and AJ gets up and Edge hits a swinging kneckbreaker. Edge picks up AJ and whips him in the corner and Edge storms in and AJ gets a boot up and AJ grabs Edge and nails a tornado DDT. Both men slowly get up and begin exchanging blows and AJ starts to get an advantage and takes Edge and whips him off the ropes a backbody drop. Edge get up and AJ nails Edge with a springboard dropkick and AJ covers Edge 1??.8.  AJ picks up Edge and picks him up and nails a Delayed Brainbuster. AJ gets up and climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a Frog Splash but Edge gets his two knees up and AJ crashes down. Both men are slow to get up and AJ turns around and Edge nails AJ with a spear and covers AJ 1??.
Winner: Edge

"Metalingus" hits as Edge rolls to the floor and grabs both of his titles and hugs them

Katie: Your winner and Still SKCW North American Champion, Edge

Frost: Well Edge leaves victorious

David: Damn I thought Styles was going to get the win but he made one mistake and Edge took advantage

Kristin: And thats what a champion does

David: Well we will see how he does at No Way Out when AJ gets another chance at them all

Frost: Well tune into SKCW.Com this week where hopefully we will learn what went down during the Stacy/Erin competetion

David: But we are out of time here tonight so until No Way Out, Good Night

:Genocide Goes Off The Air: