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From: MSN Nicknameвlаск•lавзl•ваиdіτ?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/18/2009 4:25 AM

 &&. Burning Desire .

While billions of men flock to Nova to buy the nude Rebecca pictures, they come to a halt upon seeing a stage being set up right in front of Nova's little porn shop. Rebecca seems to be standing on it with a microphone in her hand. The guys hoot and holler because we all know whether Rebecca shows her tits or not, all the men in the world want to bang her, unless they were gay.

"Sorry to burst your oozing proverbial bubble, but what Nova fills your head with is lies. Those pictures are obviously ones of Barbie Blank and Britney Spears that he's used. So my 'name', which is hardly spelt right, has no use on that t-shirt."

Some of the guys pout and cry like little babies, but Rebecca only laughs.

"Nova is smart. Oh he's so smart, he gets straight A's in school. But sadly, he isn't as bright as you'd expect him to be. Because if he really wanted to use nude pictures of me, he would have taken the ones I did in playboy. Sadly, Nova is gay and doesn't read playboy, so he probably wasn't aware of that cover. Although I bet he's enjoying all the mens magazines he buys." she snickers. "Sorry, Nova."

The guys all begin to laugh along with Rebecca, obviously they seem to be laughing at Nova.

"However, if you look over at my right, there is a huge billboard of Novacaine and his partner Brian Juneau."

A huge poster of Frankie Kazarian and Jake Gylenhall making out naked, don't ask how that was made, is displayed on full view in front of the audience members who laugh even louder this time.

"o0o0o, he's got cooties." shouts one of the young men in the audience.

"Yes, my friends, Brian wasn't able to make the match because Nova made him sore. Don't ask me what Nova did because the boys decided to keep it a secret. I'd say Brian has really bad taste in men, but then again he probably made Nova wear a mask. No, I don't pose naked on a regular basis, but I'm not a nun like Nikki Black either." turning over towards the stunned Nova she kisses her teeth at him. "Just looking for another cheap way to make money, eh Nov? That corner of the street is empty and there's big enough space for a bed and your cheap make up and perfume. I beg you to make use of it."

The crowd roars with laughter once more as Rebecca gets off the stage and everyone crowds her asking for an autograph. Just like that, the scene ends.