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ALL MY TUDORS...history 
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We welcome you to England Olde
Where you can watch the past unfold!
We tell the tales of queens and kings
Who did some very naughty things!
They reigned on high! They chopped off heads!
Intrigue was rampant in their beds!
No necks were safe when Tudors ruled
And even Lizzie had 'em fooled!
The times were tough, you died so young,
You got the axe or you were hung,
Sometimes you died upon a pyre.
When Mary burned you in a fire.
So light the candle! Burn it bright!
Now grab your head and hold on tight!
 Then open up your history book,
Because it's worth a second look!
~Poem by Painter~

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MSN Groups closing down
Announcement has been sent to peeps regarding this.  Please check your inbox posthaste ...
Greensleeves   02-18-09
MSN Groups closing down
I don´t know how to express my concern abut this matter. I´m just expecting to know where are you going to be to join you as soon I knew. Anyway, I will be glad to acept you as friends in Facebook (ro...
MSN Nicknameathesltan   02-15-09
MSN Groups closing down
scarletsfevered at is FAs extra addy.  This is in case shite happens LOL so that no one gets left behind t...
Greensleeves   02-10-09
Tudor opera
If anyone is in the Minnesota area and likes opera, I just found out that the Minnesota Opera Company is performing a Tudor opera next year.  It's called Roberto Devereux, and it's abou...
MSN NicknameVioletMNashCVT   02-04-09
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Jabba VIII
MSN Nicknamepainter1295233 08-21-08
Elizabeth I
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Greensleeves 01-12-08
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