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ALL MY TUDORS...history 
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Membership is for those who wish to PARTICIPATE!

If all you want to do is read the material on this site, you can do so without being a member.

When you apply for membership you MUST give a practical reason why you are seeking membership here and information that we can base a decision on whether or not to grant membership.  Such as:

What is your historical background?
Who are some of your favorite historical persons and/or events?
How you plan to participate?
How or why you are interested in history 

People who apply without such commentary on the application will be emailed and after 5 days with no reply will be automatically denied membership.

While we welcome those who are just beginning their fascination with English history and wish to discuss it or ask questions, we are NOT a homework helper.

This site is not for children or those with a passing fad for historical interest.  Most of our members either have advanced degrees in history or have studied history (both formally and informally) to some extent. 

NOTE: There is a REQUIREMENT for members to do at least 2 posts per month!

This requirement keeps this site active, vibrant, and informative.  It also keeps us high enough on the MSN activity list to attract others who want to join in our discussions.

Please also note that AMT does NOT allow promotion of other websites or links to for-profit sites on our boards.  PARTICIPATING members who manage sites of interest are encouraged to post them in our Lovely Links section.