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LOST! : The Constant Discussion
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 Message 1 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname•ChickyAfternoon?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/29/2008 2:25 AM
In the middle of this week's episode.  My mind is blown at this point.  Desmond thinks he is in 1996??????  What's going to happen when he gets to Daniel??????

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 Message 2 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname•ChickyAfternoon?/nobr>Sent: 2/29/2008 3:05 AM
That was the BEST episode so far this season!!!!!!  That's says a lot since it has been very good so far.  Although, last week the only Oh Shit!  moment was the end with Kate and Aaron.
This episode had TONS of OH SHIT! moments.  I won't say anymore until it airs on the west coast.

 Message 3 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameþaþermöönSent: 2/29/2008 12:38 PM
I don't remember who Daniel is.....
I'm still trying to understand the ship and the people. Are they good? Bad? Could Desmond be considered on of the 6? AND who's not from the flight that we thought was? Weren't we suppose to learn this?
I'm so confused!!!!

 Message 4 of 14 in Discussion 
From: Jnp9Sent: 2/29/2008 1:00 PM
its starting to look like they are in another dimension or something

 Message 5 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameHiccup1Sent: 2/29/2008 1:50 PM
that was an awesome episode!!! this show is constantly keeping me guessing!!
i'm so glad that *desomond* didn't die. i would have been really ticked.

 Message 6 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-nSent: 2/29/2008 2:07 PM
There is no evidence that Dez is one of the Oceanic 6 as no flash last night was a flash-forward.  Technically they weren't flashbacks either, since Desmond's conscience was experiencing time travel back to himself of 1996.  But in none of this can you conclude that Desmond survives the island, though it's worth noting that we know Sayid has survived the island as he is one of the Oceanic 6 and like Sayid, Desmond is presently not on the island, but on the boat that supposedly the others who survive must get on in order to leave the island.  So if this last fact can be trusted to follow through barring any misfortune that might befall dear ole Dez, then it would be Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron (but does he cound since he wasn't on the flight, though he remains a survivor of the island?), and Dez.  So barring Aaron's status, either Dez is the last one or next to last one we learn makes it off the island, again, only if it's right that since he's off the island and on the rescue boat now means he will stay alive throughout it. 

 Message 7 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLïlySent: 2/29/2008 5:04 PM
Could Desmond be considered on of the 6?
No as per the producers only names on the manifest will be the 6.
Ben and Aaron's names were not on the list however I think people could debate Aaron's claim of the 6. The way they ended it, Aaron is Kate's "son" but his names is not on the list.
As for Desmond, again he was not on the flight. He arrived there by different means. If he happens to get off, like Ben, he will be the lucky guy found by the 6. (if we believe the producers. They already went back on one comment of no time travel).
Now, it appears that the island is surrounded by a time field of sorts. It took how long for the helicopter to get to the ship? Moments for the helicopter but way longer for the island crew. (Can not recall the acutal amount of time)
What made Penny start to look for Desmond 3 years ago? I recall he went on a boating race or something....

 Message 8 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameT-o-r-s-t-e-nSent: 2/29/2008 5:28 PM
I think it took the helicopter 20 minutes to arrive at the boat. 

 Message 9 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameLïlySent: 2/29/2008 8:09 PM
But the island crew it seemed to be longer. If I recall right it was night and Sayid made the call in the morning to them.

(1 recommendation so far) Message 10 of 14 in Discussion 
From: KristinSent: 2/29/2008 9:19 PM
Yeah.. Jack said it had been over a day before they heard from them! He's also the one that said it should have take them 20 minutes. However, Sayid said they took off at dusk and arrived in the middle of the day on the freighter.
That was probably the best episode since last season's finale.

 Message 11 of 14 in Discussion 
From: ShadowfaxSent: 3/2/2008 1:40 AM
> What made Penny start to look for Desmond 3 years ago?

That confused me too. This week's ep made it seem like they would have no contact after 1996 until the 2004 phone call. But wasn't she a part of his life when he went on the race? Didn't she bankroll the boat or something like that?

Holy shit, the Black Rock's ledger! Bought from HANSO by Penny's DAD. Where the hell is that gonna take us?!? I can't wait!

 Message 12 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamegiggllessSent: 3/2/2008 2:20 AM
it was GREAT epsode i still love this show..i cant miss it

 Message 13 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameHoTtSyLiTtLefoXXySent: 3/3/2008 8:34 PM
Ya, that episode was as good as one from the first season.

I was also wondering about the Penny/Dez sitch, cuz yeah....pretty sure he had some contact with Penny before he went on the race...unless did his time travel, him going to her house and getting her number, did that change his future...but no cuz then he wouldn't have gone on the race or....I'm confused.

 Message 14 of 14 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameSmigChickSent: 3/5/2008 8:29 PM
I enjoyed that episode, very interesting time-shifting stuff. Love it! I'm especially interested in understanding how having that anchor made the difference between sanity and death, though. Cuz if you're in a single consciousness, going back and forth would be, yes, uncomfortable, but you'd be aware that you're doing it. I don't quite get how having that anchor makes the difference. Fascinating...
Des wasn't one of the Oceanic passengers, so including him in the "Oceanic 6" could only be for the sake of a convenient media label after they were rescued. If he's even one of 'em.
I can't believe I forgot to post about it after I saw the episode, lol.

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