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Dealing with Chronic PainContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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  Dealing With Chronic Pain  
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 Welcome to

 Dealing with Chronic Pain.


May your your days be bright and as pain free as possible.

(From the members and staff of DWCP)

What we're about here is supporting each other with our chronic pain, providing a place where those with chronic pain can come vent and providing information on chronic pain, it's diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
So those three things are what we're about.  If you have chronic pains, or  know someone who does, come on in.
If you like what you see and would like to become a member here, please take note of the following and take a few minutes to read our rules. 

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I hate jerk doctors......
You must be reading my mind Dan.....I want it to go directly to him.....I just want to know if there is a grievance form ...I know I spelled that wrong.....I want to be that thorn in...
MSN NicknameDale1955omega420365   11-25-08
A humble reminder of a humble birth....
   Tonight I was reminded of the real meaning of the season that is ready to start in just a few days. I am speaking of the Christmas season. A season just short of thirty ...
hissyspit01   11-25-08
Gone until next Sunday
I'm off to the land of snow and cold.  Brrrrrrr.  I'm gonna go see my brother and his family up in Colorado Springs.  I'm going to board Kitt...
Dan   11-24-08
I hate jerk doctors......
It occurs to me you might complain directly to the doctor.  See what he does.  Just type up a letter and send it to him telling him that you felt he was...
Dan   11-24-08
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