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Illinois Kinfolk 
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IL Biographies
Page 4

From the 1886 Portrait and Biographical Album of Knox County, Biographical Publishing Company, Chicago, page 220. 
Elisha Humiston
 (deceased) the gentleman whose name honors this brief review of a worthy life, was one among the earliest pioneers of Knox County, Ill., having arrived in the State in 1834.  He was born in Connecticut not long subsequent to the War of Independence.  He was twice married, his first wife being Elizabeth Hartshorn.  Two children, a son and a daughter, were born to the union, Hartson and Almira, both births occurring in Broome County, New York.  The daughter married Mr. Gary Ruggles, a gentleman of prominence.  While the country was still a wilderness, Mr. Humiston moved from Connecticut to Broome County, New York, and resided there until 1834, when he came to Knox County, Ill., settling in this township. Having lost his first wife, he married Betsy Noble by whom he had four children, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Delia and Hobert.  The last three were early associated with the history of Knox County.  Hartson Humiston, who was born in Broome County, N. Y., April 3rd, 1805, was married in that place to Miss Mary Church, June 28, 1832, five children being the result of the union; Cyrus J., Mary E., Helen M., Francis M. and Joanna.  The last named being the wife of Joseph F. Latimer, of Cedar Township, Knox County, Ill. In 1846, Mr. H. Humiston emigrated with his family from New York to Knox County, and immediately engaged in farming, with profit to himself and much satisfaction to those who had dealings with him, he continued in this occupation until his death, July 6, 1876. .....Submitted by Pat Thomas 

From the Union County Atlas 1884, Page 64
Charles W. Hand Sr., retired merchant and farmer, PO Billingsville, Ind., was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, March 11, 1808. He is a son of John and Sarah (Price) Hand, who removed in 1800 from New Jersey, their Native State to Hamilton County, Ohio. Here, after a few years, the wife died and Mr. Hand married Mrs. Nancy Todd, whose maiden name was Leakin. By the first union there were six children and by the second two.  In 1818, he removed to Union Township this county and purchased the farm now owned by his son Charles W. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812 and was noted for his scrupulous honesty and correct business dealings. Charles W. Hand was brought up on a farm and received a good common school education. He taught several terms of school when a young man and on the 16th of January 1828 was united in marriage with Miss Sarah Raymond. This lady was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, October 2, 1811. By this union there were eleven children -- John R., Harriet V., Rebecca R., Allie L., Mary W., Sarah R., Charles W., (Jr.), William W., Frederick E., Samuel R. and on other that died in infancy. One of the sons, William W. served his country in the war of the rebellion. Until 1842 Mr. Hand followed farming exclusively, he then purchased a stock of goods and farmed that until the close of the late war ran a country store in connection with farming. He has always been a Whig and a Republican and has held numerous positions of honor and trust. He assisted to build and is one of the Stock-holders of the Oxford & Billingsville Turnpike. He favors all public improvements and liberally contributes to any worthy enterprise. He owns a comfortable home and has the confidence and respect of all who know him.....
Submitted by: Dawn 

History of Hamilton County, Ohio, w/ Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, 1881
William D. Ludlow
...The narrator of the foregoing was one of the best men that ever lived-- truthful, honest, kind and obliging. In early life he was united n marriage with an estimable woman, Charlotte Hand, by whom he had twelve children, but few of whom are now alive. His wife dying in 1846, he was afterwards married to Mrs. Abigail Bonnell, one of the pioneer women who came to Columbia in early days. With Abigail he lived happily during the remainder of his life. William D. Ludlow was industrious until the infirmities of age forbade longer labor. His last years were devotedly given to work in the Christian church at Carthage, where, by pastoral work, by prayer and exhortation, he endeared himself not only to the congregation, but to all who knew him. He fell dead on a street of Cathage in 1863, aged seventy-nine years. His last words were spoken to Mrs. Elizabeth Bonnell, a moment before he fell "Good morning, Sister Elizabeth," said he; "just taking a morning walk-- never felt better, and enjoy the sunshine. My work for life is about done; my house is in order, and I am ready to go whenever the Master shall call."  A moment after, he fell dead. His remains lie in the cemetery at Reading, close to the grave of his friend and Christian brother, James Dell. They had previously chosen their last resting places, and now sleep together....Submitted by: Dawn 



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