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As the World 
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  Welcome ! !

       A message board for ATWT fans.  We love to talk about the latest styles, stories, characters and couples.  We are also very happy to announce that we are now accepting new members!  

So what ya waiting for???                     

Come on in and join the fun! ! !

  New Messages
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Group has been moved....
I have no clue how that happened Allison, thanks for deleting one!
MSN Nicknamedidee340   01-30-09
Group has been moved....
Yes, Diane; you already joined.  Although you were listed as a member twice so I deleted one of them.   ~Allison
MSN Nicknameworldturnsjunkie   01-30-09
Group has been moved....
Allison, idiot question....I gather this is the group I just joined right>> lol diane
MSN Nicknamedidee340   01-30-09
Group has been moved....
The group has been moved and will most likely be deleted in the next 7 days.  ...
MSN Nicknameworldturnsjunkie   01-30-09
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MSN NicknameRaeLe10 07-26-08
MSN NicknameRaeLe10 07-26-08
brad and jack
MSN NicknameRaeLe10 07-26-08
MSN NicknameRaeLe10 07-26-08
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