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Sorry but the changes in MSN seem to have wiped my birthday list out.  This is a partial reconstruction.
6 Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery)
13 Billy Allen (Louise Griffin)
15 Count Stovall (Roy Franklin)
16 David Bruce (Nichols Benjamin Reynolds)
19 Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck)
20 Carl Gordon (Ward Griffin)
20 Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara Munson)
22 Linc Lafferty (James Welch)
28 Terri Conn (Katie Peretti)

Marie Masters (Susan Stewart)
6 William Swan (Rex Witmore)
6 Sharon Case (Debbie Simon)
15 Kelly Menighan-Hensley (Emily Stuart)
15 Rene Props (Elly Snyder)
18 Michael Nader (Kevin Thompson) 
22  Leslie Charleson (Alice Whipple)
23 Jaime Nicole Dudney (Georgia Tucker)
24 Jenny O'Hara (Thelma Dailey)


3 Lauren Martin-Harkins (Camille Bennett)
4 Keith Charles (Ralph Mitchell)
7 Mark Pinter (Brian McColl)
8 David Cryer (Philip Lombard)
8 Dagne Crane (Sandy Hughes)
9 Kerr Smith (Ryder Hughes)
9 Finn Carter (Sierra Montgomery)
14 Tamara Tunie (Jessica Griffin)
17 Sloane Shalton (Harriet Corbman)
20 Chiep Zien (Arthur Howell)
21 Kathleen Widdoes (Emma Snyder)
30 Justin Deas (Tom Hughes)

4 Peter Boyton (Tonio Reyes)
5 Keith Coulouris (Reid Hamilton) 
Bronson Picket (Diego Santana)
8 Parker Posey (Tess Shelby)
11 John Reiley (Dan Stuart)
11 Peter Parros (Dr. Ben Harris)
12 Ann Flood (Ruth Mansfield)
12 Ashley Williams (Dani Andropoulis)
14 Joanna Rhinehart (Jessica Griffin)
14 Lisa Lawrence (Sarah Kasnoff)
15 Margareth Reed (Shannon O'Hara)
18 Paul Korver (Christopher Hughes)
19 Glynnis O'Connor (Margo Hughes)
20 Dan Frazer (Dan McCloskey)
20 Ming-Na-Wen (Lien Hughes)

Nicholas Coster (Eduardo Grimaldi)
8 Shawn Christian (Mike Kasnoff)
8 Michael Levin (John Eldridge)
9 Anne Stuart (Lyla Peretti)
11 Patrick Tovatt (Cal Stricklin)
14 Elaine Princi (Miranda Marlowe)

16 Paul Leyden
21 Larry Bryggman (John Dixon)
22 Elisabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh)
23 Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder)
27 Ken Garito (Dave Egan)
30 Cassandra Creech (Denise Maynard)