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The Keller Family


Mary Ellen Keller                              Royce Keller              Samantha Keller-Markham

(aka Lucinda Walsh)                        (Lucinda's brother)    (Lucinda's sister/Royce's twin)


Neal Alcott                                                            Sierra Esteban

(Lucinda's sister who was killed by Royce)        (Lucinda's daughter with Jacobo Esteban)


Lily Walsh                                                                     Georgia Tucker

(Lucinda and Martin Guest's adoptive daughter)      (Samantha's daughter with Cody Tucker)


Bryant Montgomery                                                              Lucy Montgomery

(Sierra's son with Craig Montgomery)                       (Sierra's daughter with Craig Montgomery)


Luke Snyder       

(Lily's son with Damian Grimaldi)                      *Not Pictured: Faith and Natalie Snyder (Lily's

                                                                               daughters with Holden Snyder) and Lucinda's    

                                                                               unnamed son with James Stenbeck.