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Emmy winner Cady McClain pours her heart into the show.  She brought us along her rollercoaster ride as we watched Rosanna lose her baby, Cabot, who was her joy, her heart, and her very soul.  From the moment that Craig first placed him in her arms at Metro that night, and she realized that she was a mom, Cady's performance has been understated, emotional, and shown a strength that stands out even on a show where the actors' strengths are widespread.  If she didn't make you cry with that heartrending performance in the police station when she said goodbye to her little son, then you just weren't watching the show.  Her pain seemed so realistic that I could have sworn she was actually revealing a truth about her private life, instead of acting in a scene in a soap opera.

It started more than a year ago, when Rosanna found out she could never have children.  For many women, this is a heart-breaking reality, and Rosanna suffered grief   over the children that she would never bear, never hold, never love.  Then, with the birth of little Sage Snyder, her sister's child, Rosanna made peace with Carly and they became friends as well as sisters.  But seeing little Sage only amplified Ro's desire to have a child of her own. 

She went to husband Craig with grand plans to adopt  one.  But she didn't count on Craig's feelings.  Craig had lost his only son in a tragic car wreck some time earlier, and he felt he couldn't handle bonding with another child.  Did he tell Rosanna this?  No.  Instead he discreetly sabotaged every adoption interview that she scheduled, even framing himself on a gambling charge to ruin their chances for a baby. 


But Craig didn't reckon on Rosanna's overwhelming desire to be a mother.  She served notice that since he had destroyed their chances for adopting, she was leaving.  So Craig, now desperate over the thought of losing her (does Craig EVER  learn??) disappeared into Canada, and returned with a baby boy, which he grandly presented to her during a party at Metro.  (I would like to point out to the writers at ATWT at this time that Ottawa is not a province, btw, it's the capital city of the country.  Let's not offend our neighbors to the north who include many ATWT fans.)  Anyway, it's amazing what one small child can do.  Rosanna fell completely and unequivocally in love with the little tyke, and even Craig was won over by his new son, whom he named Cabot, Rosanna's maiden name.  They all bonded, they were happy, it was sweet and touching, and you knew it would never last.

abot's adoption was illegal, and although Craig swore he didn't know, nobody believed him, and he couldn't even believe himself.  And when it all came out like so many dirty diapers, Cabot was back with his birth mother and Rosanna was left with empty arms and a broken heart.  She packed her things, cut Craig off at the knees, fired up her private jet, and fled the country.

o watch Cady McClain's face when she saw Cabot for the first time was to get an acting lesson.  To watch her when she had to give him up was a master lesson.  Cady is an understated but highly focused actor who uses her physical reactions to a scene as much as the words on the script.  She can convey more with a glance, a turn of her head, or a smile than many actors can with a dozen clumsy movements.  She is not afraid to lay open her emotions and pour everything she has into a scene, and her presence dominates.  To watch Cady through this storyline, as she  tended to Cabot while first defending Craig to all his detractors and then Paul to his accusers, only to loose her family and return with an agenda, ready to do whatever it takes to eradicate the heartbreak she so soulfully portrayed.

And now happy fans, the introduction of the character Jordan Sinclair brings even more of Cady's brilliance to our screens.  I get chills when recalling Rosanna, after revealing the desperation of her situation to Jordan, falling to her knees sobbing and begging for the life of her son. 

This storlyine is one of the main reasons I tune in day-after-day.  For, I know the writers at ATWT get a lot of credit for writing these compelling scenes, but it is Cady who breathes life into them..... and oh what a life she gives to Rosanna!

source:  Soaptown USA