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As the World 
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  • ATWT will be pre-empted on Monday, September 1st and Friday, September 5th.
  • Look for Zach Roerig (ex-Casey Hughes) to play Cash, a local rodeo star who lassoes Adrianne Palicki's character Tyra this fall in the new season of Friday Night Lights.
  • Diane Kagan appears as Mrs. Ward and gives Ali and Chris a problem on Friday, August 29 and Wednesday, September 3.
  • Austin Peck and other daytime stars will set sail on Soap Cruise, The Second Voyago on Thursday, January 22nd, until Monday, January 29th, 2009.  Visit or call (248)855-7918 for more info.
  • Scott Holroyd (ex-Paul Ryan) joins the cast of Dirty, Sexy Money; season premiere airing October 1st.
  • ATWT has cut yet another hunky actor. After the announcement that Jon Prescott (Mike) would be leaving Oakdale, Dylan Bruce (Chris) has been dropped to recurring. 
  • INTURN winner Nell Mooney joins the cast of ATWT in the role of Spencer McKay. Spencer will host a variety show with Brad (Austin Peck) and will be keeping a secret from all those in Oakdale. Look for him to first appear in early October.

  • Emmy-nominated Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan) will return to Oakdale next month. The actor exited the show earlier this year and his character was killed off. How does the show plan to explain Dusty's resurrection? As they say on the soaps, tune in to find out.

  • Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan) joined the cast of As the World Turns in February 2003. During his four years with the CBS soap, McCouch earned an Outstanding Supporting Actor nomination in the 2006 Daytime Emmy race. McCouch's run with As the World Turns ended in January when his character met with an untimely demise.

  • McCouch is the second actor to portray Dustin "Dusty" Donovan. Brian Bloom originated the role in April 1983 and remained with the show for five years. In 1985, Bloom was named Outstanding Young Man (now Outstanding Younger Actor) at the Daytime Emmys. The actor was nominated in the same category in 1986 and 1987.
  • Prior to joining As the World Turns, McCouch enjoyed a three-year run as Morgan Winthrop on Another World. Like As the World Turns, Another World was then-produced by Procter & Gamble Productions.
    McCouch's exit was attributed to budget woes. An insider told at the time that McCouch refused to take a salary cut. Other published reports hinted that McCouch wanted to explore acting opportunities outside of daytime. In 2007, McCouch had been poised to leave As the World Turns for a role on the primetime series The Apostles. The cop drama was ultimately not picked up and McCouch remained on As the World Turns.
  • A spokesperson for As the World Turns was unavailable for comment at post time. McCouch returns on September 24th. 
  • As the World Turns is rolling out the villains/ Rick Decker's return to Oakdale earlier this month was just the beginning. Anthony Herrera returns this month as James Stenbeck finds his way out of jail and back to Oakdale. It's been three years since Herrera was last spotted on ATWT. He made his debut on the show in 1980.
  • Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) will return to Oakdale this month to cause more trouble.
  • It was 1980 when Herrera made his first appearance as the villainous James Stenbeck. In the ensuing 28 years, the actor's alter ego has tallied an impressive list of crimes. And, like any soap opera villain, James Stenbeck has been presumed dead no less than five times: he's been shot, he's fallen out of an airplane, and he's been trapped in a fire. As with any fictional evil-doer, there's always a way to cheat death. James Stenbeck's tenacity can be seen in the real-life grit displayed by his portrayer.
    Herrera initially expressed some concern about returning to the rigors of taping a daily daytime drama series. In 1997, the actor was diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma, a rare type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
    In an exclusive interview with, Herrera revealed that he was told by doctors, "You have cancer. You are going to die." Herrera sought out a second opinion and attributes his survival to "brilliant doctors, finding the right hospital, and a positive attitude -- watching, questioning, and finding out." The resulting treatment required Herrera to undergo two bone marrow transplants. Herrera chronicled his battle with cancer in the 2005 book, The Cancer War.
  • To accommodate Herrera's return, both sides are said to have worked out a schedule that will allow Herrera to work on As the World Turns and also on another project in Argentina. The length of the actor's current stint has not been announced.
  • The last time As the World Turns viewers saw James Stenbeck, he was being arrested and carted off to a Bangkok jail. That was three years ago?and clearly a lot has happened since then.
  • Anthony Herrera returns on August 27th. 

Sources: All Soaps Scoops, SOW, SOD,, Soapcentral, TvGuide, Soapdom, SOAPnet and information sent by fans/viewers/members.