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  We have ways of
making you talk....

Provided you know all our below-listed posting guidelines!

 Just click on the box and come inside and post with us today

  ATWT Posting Guidelines

When You Post......


Differing opinions are welcome here (variety is, as they say, the  spice of life). But we don't want flaming of other members.  We are all part of a "family" here and treat each other in the spirit of friendship and mutual respect!

 Simply follow the golden rule.....

 When posting, treat others as you'd like to be treated -- don't be insulting, don't question other's intelligence and sanity just because their view may differ from yours, and Watch your language!  Everyone who posts on this board is a real person, just like you .  (Also remember that actors, writers, and producers are all real people and deserve a little respect and kindness too.)

We also ask that you keep in mind the second golden rule?It is a soap. Characters on a soap are not real people.  Don't let mass opinion sway you or dissuade you from posting your own opinions.  You can disagree without flaming. You can set forth a different point of view without attacking someone else personally.  If someone disagrees with you, that DOES NOT automatically mean that they are flaming you.  Don't immediately take offense when someone offers a different point of view. If you have the misfortune of being flamed, DON'T respond by flaming back. 

As it's been said on our boards, "There is a difference between bad acting," (Casey, in most viewers' humble opinion) and bad character actions (Craig).  To not separate the two takes the fun out of watching and posting!

So have fun and speak you mind!!!  However be aware that posts which violate our golden rules may be deleted at management's discretion (we have a great membership and we intend to keep it that way)

Also we attempt to respect the Spoiler Free by no posting spoilers, rumors, and cast comings and goings in your subject headings!

If you want to discuss something that is going to happen in the future, (including cast members comings and goings), please do not write about it in the subject heading for your post; "hint" around it by saying "SPOILER: Jack & Carly or CASTING NEWS" or something in that vein.  Also always include, in the actual body of your post, a warning that a spoiler/rumor/cast change is going to be discussed, and then leave some space between your warning and the rest of your message, or white it out so it cannot be seen unless highlighted.  REMEMBER: Some of our members prefer to be surprised about future ATWT storylines and events!

Also - Do not post in ALL CAPS (capital letters) or gratuitously large letters. Either make your message harder to read (thereby causing some people to skip it entirely), and some people consider it the same as shouting (and you're not really shouting are you). So, unless you have good reason to shout, please keep to regular font sizes and sentence/lower cases.

Please: Do not start new threads without checking the board first to see if a thread on the same topic has already been started. If it has, put your post under that thread as a reply. This way relevant threads will stay on the first page longer, instead of being pushed off the page by repetitive posts.

All posts violating the guidelines are subject to deletion at the managers' discretion.
 Thanks for taking the time to review our policies - we'll see you on the boards!